What is...
a mastectomy bra?

Mastectomy bras are a clever garment that to many people will look just like a regular bra from the outside. Read our guide to find out what a mastectomy bra is, what makes them different to regular bras, and when they should be worn.

What is a mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra is a specialised bra that is made for those who have undergone a mastectomy of either one or both breasts. On the outside they are designed to look similar to a regular bra, but underneath they have a few key design features that set them apart.

What does a mastectomy bra do?

The key feature of a mastectomy bra is the inner pockets of the cups. These pockets are inside the cup, and allow the wearer to insert a prosthesis or breast form with it held securely in place. This security of the added pocket allows the wearer to feel more confident and comfortable in knowing that their prosthesis won’t move around.

Mastectomy bras are also designed with lots of other things in mind – they are generally made from softer fabrics so they feel more comfortable against the skin and may feature things like wider and softer cushioned shoulder straps. Some even have front fastenings for easier putting on and taking off.

Being made from softer materials, often brushed fabrics with a higher cotton content, means that mastectomy bras are gentler on skin which can often be extra sensitive post-surgery, due to scarring and some treatment processes. Many mastectomy or post-surgery bras are also wire-free, further reducing irritation to scarring and sensitive skin.


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Who can wear a mastectomy bra?

Anyone who has had a mastectomy will benefit from wearing a mastectomy bra if they choose to wear breast prostheses. There is no real medical reason to wear a specific mastectomy bra post-surgery, but we do recommend checking with your doctor or surgeon to be sure on what is best for your situation.

What are the benefits of a mastectomy bra?

As you’ve just read, mastectomy bras are often full of cleverly thought-out features to make things comfortable for those who have undergone such surgeries. To recap, here are the main benefits of a mastectomy bra:

  • Inner pockets to securely hold breast prostheses in place
  • Softer fabrics and a wireless design for comfort on sensitive or scarred skin
  • Wider, often cushioned shoulder straps to reduce pressure on the shoulders

We think that covers everything you need to know about mastectomy and post-surgery bras! Remember to always check with a medical professional to see if you need a specific type of bra after any procedure.

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