do my bra straps fall down?

Are you finding that your bra straps keep falling down, and wondering how to stop them slipping off your shoulders?

It’s quite a common question we get asked, so we’ll give the answers right here!

Why do my bra straps fall down?

Why do my bra straps keep falling down?

The main reason why your bra straps keep slipping off your shoulders is that they’re set too wide on your frame. This is often caused by the back band being too big for you – the bigger the back band, the more spaced out the shoulder straps will be. Make sure your bra’s back band is nice and snug to help prevent the straps slipping off your shoulders from being too wide apart!

Straps slipping off your shoulder can also be caused by the cup being too big for you. If the cups aren’t completely filled then there’s no breast tissue there to help keep the straps in their correct position. Give your bust a good scoop and swoop to make sure you’ve got all your breast tissue forwards. If you find that your cups are still gaping at the top then try a cup size or two down and see if this helps your strap situation.

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I’m in the right size, but my bra straps still fall down!

If you’ve double checked your bra size or had a fitting recently but still find your bra straps fall down, try a different bra style. Balcony bras often have straps that sit wider as they join at the sides of the cups, so try a plunge bra as they tend to sit a bit narrower. Make sure that you’re also adjusting the straps on your bra correctly – they should be at a two-finger tension, enough to stack two fingers between the strap and your shoulder.

Those with narrow shoulders might find that, no matter what size or style bra they wear, their bra straps still slip off their shoulders. If this sounds like you, look for bras that feature a j-hook on the straps. This allows you to clip the straps into a racerback position which sits between your shoulders to bring the straps closer together and stop them falling down. You can also find accessories that can slip your straps together at the back even without a j-hook!


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How to keep bra straps from slipping off your shoulders

So to summarise everything we covered, here are the key things you can do to stop your bra straps falling down:

  • Make sure you’re in the right size bra, a too-loose back band can cause straps to sit too far apart, and too-large cups mean the straps won’t be held in place
  • Try a different bra shape – plunge bras have narrower straps than balcony bras for example
  • Make sure you’ve adjusted your bra straps properly, to a two-finger tension
  • Opt for a bra that has a j-hook on the straps for racerback conversion, or
  • Try a bra accessory that clips the straps together between your shoulders

We hope this helps you understand why your bra straps could be slipping off your shoulders, and how to prevent it!

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