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my bra size?

Finding your right bra size can be daunting, and sometimes feel like it’s an impossible task. But once you understand what elements make up a bra size, you can use this knowledge to help figure out your bra size and how it all works. Read on to learn more about your bra size!

What is a bra size?

Let’s get to the basics: your bra size is made up of two elements. First, the number (e.g. 30, 32, 34) which is your underband size, and second the letter (e.g. E, F, G) which represents your cup size. These two things together represent an overall bra size – they don’t do much on their own! Your bra size represents the size of your underband, and the volume of your breast tissue.

Remember that cup sizes are relative and represent a ratio of breast volume to band size. This means that a G cup on a 32 band will be smaller than a G cup on a 38 band, or that a 40DD will be bigger volume-wise than a 30DD.

Why do I need the correct bra size?

Wearing the correct bra size is important for your breast health. By ensuring you have the correct support from a properly fitting back band, you’ll reduce the pressure and strain on your shoulders and back. Likewise, making sure you have the correct bra cup size means you’re eliminating the risk of causing pain or damage to your breast tissue from wires poking in all the wrong places.

Not only is wearing the right bra size helpful for your posture and health, but it also improves the way your clothes fit and will enhance your figure, by lifting your chest up, to showcase your beautiful curves at their best! This can also improve the way you view yourself and give you a boost to your self-image and self-confidence.


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How do I find my bra size?

The first step in finding your ideal bra size is to assess how your current bra fits once it’s properly adjusted. Then, you can troubleshoot common bra fitting problems like if your breasts are spilling over the top of the cups, or if the underband is riding up your back, and take the appropriate steps to rectify these bra fit issues.

You can also take our quick and easy bra fit quiz, no measuring tape needed! It will ask you a few questions based on how your current bra fits – even if it doesn’t fit very well at all – and use a database of expert bra fitting knowledge to recommend a new size.

Still stumped, or starting from square one with no bra that comes close to fitting? Check out our more in-depth guide on how to find your bra size.

What are the benefits of wearing the right bra size?

As we’ve already gone through, wearing the right bra size is very important. To summarise:

  • The right bra size can help with back and neck pain, and eliminate the risk of causing pain or damage to your breast tissue
  • Getting the correct bra fit can enhance your figure, lifting your bust up and highlighting your gorgeous curves!
  • A correctly fitting bra will also help your clothes to fit better, and can improve your posture too
And that about sums it up! We hope this helped you understand a bit more about bra sizes, what they are and how they work. Taking the time to find your perfect bra size can make such a difference, so once you’ve nailed it be sure to treat yourself to a gorgeous new set or two!

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