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Have you ever wondered what the best way to wash bras is, to keep them looking their best?

We can end up spending a lot on our intimates, so it’s important to look after them to help them last longer and stay in the best condition possible. Check out our top tips on washing and caring for your lingerie!

How to hand wash bras

Hand washing your bras is the number one way to look after them, and if you check the label in your bra you’ll see most of them do state to hand wash only! It sounds tedious but it doesn’t have to be.

The best way to hand wash your bras is by filling a sink with warm water (not hot!) and a gentle detergent. There are specialist lingerie detergents out there but any non-bio liquid or even baby shampoo works just as well.

Submerge your bras in the water and give them a gentle swish around, and carefully rub at areas that get particularly grimy – such as the underarm and along the wire channel. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove tougher marks like deodorant build-up if needed, just remember to be gentle with the delicate fabrics.

Leave your bras to soak for around 10-20 minutes, then empty the sink and run each bra gently under cool water to remove soap suds. Gently squeeze out excess water (being careful not to warp the fabric or wires) and fold it up in a clean towel to soak up as much water as possible.

Lay your bras flat to dry if possible. If you don’t have space to dry them flat, then hang them from the centre gore on a washing line, over your shower curtain pole, or on a clothes horse. Avoid hanging them from the straps or back band if you can, as the weight of a wet bra can cause the elastics to stretch and distort.

How to machine wash bras

If hand washing isn’t something that’s possible for you and you need to use a washing machine, then make sure you have a lingerie wash bag to avoid as much damage as possible. Washing your lingerie in a washing machine may void the manufacturer’s warranty on the item, especially if the care label instructs you to handwash only, so do bare this in mind.

To machine wash your bra, fasten the hooks and put it inside a lingerie wash bag. Fastening the hooks helps reduce the risk of them poking through the holes in a wash bag and getting caught on other garments.

Make sure you use a gentle spin cycle – if your machine has a handwash setting then this is best – set it to a low degree temperature, preferably 30 degrees, and don’t overload your washing machine! Avoid machine washing bras with items that will be heavy and bulky when wet, like jeans and thick knitwear.

Never subject your bras to higher temperatures as this can cause the fabrics to shrink or stretch, so tumble drying is off the cards too. Once your wash cycle has finished, hang your bras to dry the same way we described above.

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What is the best way to wash bras?

We know that not everyone will be able to hand wash their bras for a variety of reasons, but this really is the best way to keep them in tip top condition – there’s a reason the manufacturers recommend it! If you’re able to, then taking a few minutes once a week to give your intimates some TLC can make a huge difference to how long they last. Handwashing also means you’ll be helping the planet, as it uses less water and energy than a washing machine cycle. Win, win!

Top tip: if you’re really struggling to find time to hand wash your bras, why not take it into the shower with you and wash it in there? This is an especially good idea for sports bras and swimwear. Your regular bras don’t need washing every time you wear them, but sports bras and swimwear should be due to the nature of the garment.

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