What is...
a racerback bra?

Racerback bras can be a great option for many of us with larger breasts, but do you know what a racerback bra is? We reveal all in our guide to all things racerback bras!

What is a racerback bra?

A racerback bra is a bra that has a fixed point at the rear where the shoulder straps join. This can be a permanent feature like some sports bras have, a J-hook that can be clipped and unclipped, or detachable straps that can be crossed over at the back.

What does a racerback bra do?

Thanks to the design of the straps, racerback bras help keep bra straps in place especially for those who have narrower shoulders or petite frames and often find bra straps slip down throughout the day. Racerback bras also help hide your bra straps under tank tops or other styles with a racerback design.

The racerback shape in these bras also adds extra support, by giving the bra more surface to distribute weight across. Instead of putting the pressure on two thin straps on either side, a racerback position sits between your shoulders and spreads the pressure more evenly. It’s this clever design that allows the bra to lift your bust higher and with more support, and in some cases more comfort.


"I like the cross over in the middle as it adds to the lift effect. Practical bra that feels less ordinary."

Curvy Kate Centre Stage Full Plunge Bra

Who can wear a racerback bra?

True racerback bras, as in those that are designed with a fixed racerback shape, are unfortunately not very common in fuller bust sizes – they would be quite hard to get on comfortably over larger busts! – but we have lots of other options such as bras with a J-hook and those with convertible straps. These offer the same effect as a racerback bra with the added bonus of being able to wear them regularly, too!

We recommend racerback bras and bras with a J-hook to those who have narrower shoulders or find that their straps slip off their shoulders. They’re also ideal for people who find the pressure from traditional bra straps to be too painful on their shoulders.

What are the benefits of a racerback bra?

To summarise in a few bullet points, we love racerback bras because:

  • They distribute the weight of your bust more evenly across your back, reducing pressure on shoulders
  • Racerback bras can provide even more lift and support than regular bras
  • If you find your shoulder straps slip off, a racerback bra will help prevent this by securing the straps in the middle of your shoulders

So there you have it! Racerback bras make a welcome addition to any lingerie drawer thanks to their extra support and uplifting properties.

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