What is...
a Stretch Lace Bra?

Have you ever wondered what a stretch lace bra is?

These are one of our favourite styles here at Brastop, and we really recommend having at least one in your bra collection wherever possible. Read on to find out what a stretch lace bra is, and why we love them so much!

What is a stretch lace bra?

Just what it says on the tin – a stretch lace bra is a bra that is made with one or more panels of stretchy lace.

Usually, a stretch lace bra has a non-stretchy fabric for the bottom cup sections to give uplift and support, while the top panel is made from an elasticated lace or mesh.

They can be found in a range of shapes, including full cup, balcony and plunge styles.

What does a stretch lace bra do?

Stretch lace bras offer ease of fit with flexibility and comfort. When a bra is made from a rigid, non-stretch fabric, it can make it harder to get the perfect fit.

A stretch lace top cup panel in a bra helps combat that, as it offers more flexibility thanks to the elasticated fabric that can stretch to accommodate your breasts.


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Who can wear a stretch lace bra?

We love stretch lace bras for their versatility, and how easy they can fit across so many different breast shapes. They are particularly great for those who have asymmetrical breasts, as the stretchy top cup fabric can fit both the bigger and smaller side.

A stretch lace bra can be a great option if you experience any size fluctuation throughout the month, as it can move with your body throughout the changes, such as when you’re on your period or very early stages of pregnancy, or even going through regular weight changes.

The best thing about stretch lace bras is they’re so flexible and accommodating to different breast shapes. If you have fuller, firmer breast tissue then the lace can stretch to fit, whereas if you have less-full, or softer breast tissue, then the lace can shrink down a little to reduce gaping in the cups. Because stretch lace bras come in all different bra styles, you’ll likely be able to find one that suits you perfectly.

What are the benefits of a stretch lace bra?

We think every bra-drobe needs a stretch lace bra! Here’s a quick recap of why they’re so great:

  • Their flexibility in sizing makes them especially great for those with asymmetrical breasts
  • Stretch lace bras are available in different bra styles, including plunge and balcony, to suit a range of breast shapes
  • The rigid, non-stretch bottom cups still offer great support and lift for D+ cup sizes
  • They’re a great choice for those who are experiencing a lot of size fluctuations, meaning you don’t need to spend lots of money on so many different cup sizes

Don’t stretch lace bras sound amazing? We’re not exaggerating when we say everyone should have one in their collection!

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