What is...
a Balcony Bra?

Known interchangeably as a balcony or balconette bra, these are one of the most popular bra shapes out there for D-K cups.

But what is a balcony bra, what does it do, and how is a balconette bra different from other bra styles? Find out below!

What is a balcony bra?

Balcony bras, or balconettes, are a style of bra that offers moderate coverage for easy everyday wear.

A balcony bra has straps that are usually set a little wider as they join at the side of the cups, and will often feature a horizontal seam across the cup to add shape.

What does a balcony bra do?

A balcony bra’s purpose is to lift your breasts up from below – a bit like a shelf.

This is achieved by the wider-set straps that work to really lift your bust up, to give a fuller and rounded appearance to your boobs.

They’re a great all-rounder style that would be right at home in any bra-drobe!


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Who can wear a balcony bra?

Balcony and balconette bras are a favourite shape among those of us with bigger breasts, thanks to the easy to wear shape that fits under most necklines.

Balcony bras are suitable for almost everyone, however if you have a very slender frame or narrow shoulders you might find the straps slip off. If you find this happens to you, opt for a style that has a J-hook so you can clip the straps into a racerback position, or try an accessory like a magic clip to hold the straps more central between your shoulders.

The great thing about them is that they can have different features so you’re bound to find a balcony bra that works for you – there are moulded and padded balcony bras, as well as non-padded options and some may have stretch lace top cups or side support panels, which are all fuller-bust favourite bra features!

What are the benefits of a balcony bra?

To recap, here are a few reasons why a balcony bra is a great choice for D+ cup sizes:

  • Balcony bras offer moderate coverage for ease of everyday wear
  • Designed to lift your breasts up from below to give a fuller, rounded appearance
  • They are available in different styles, included moulded and non-padded, to suit a range of breast types
  • A balcony bra is a perfect all-rounder to have in any lingerie wardrobe

So there we have it! Hopefully that answers all your questions about what a balcony bra is and what they do. They really are a staple style to have in every bra collection, thanks to their reliable fit and support for bigger cup sizes.

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