What is...
a Longline Bra?

We LOVE a longline bra here at Brastop, thanks to the great shape and support they provide. But what exactly is a longline bra? Find out below in our handy guide to all things longline bras!

What is a longline bra?

So what is it that actually defines a longline bra? In a nutshell, a longline bra is a bra that has an extended underband – so it comes down further on your waist. A longline bra can have any shape cup, the key is in the band. Some longline bras are only slightly longer than a regular bra, while some might reach down to your natural waistline.

What does a longline bra do?

The extra depth that a longline bra is made with has a couple of functions. Not only does the longline band add extra support, but it can provide a smoothing effect and cinch in your waist to give a gorgeous silhouette!

Longline bras offer more support thanks to their design. Remember that your bra’s back band is what should be providing at least 80% of the support – so the band being deeper means it has more surface area to grip onto your torso with which will provide so much more lift and support from underneath. This also means less pressure on your shoulders!

The extended length of a longline bra also means they can sculpt your silhouette. Not quite to shapewear levels of control and cinching, but with a longer band usually comes flexible boning that can add a little smoothing effect to your torso. This can also help with your posture, by encouraging you to keep your back straight instead of slouching.

Who can wear a longline bra?

Longline bras are a versatile choice thanks to the range of cup shapes available, but are an especially great option for anyone who’s looking for a little added support or those with heavier breasts! The addition of thicker seams or flexible boning in the sides of the longer band help to prevent it from flipping and rolling, so even if you have a softer build with a bit more of a tummy then a longline bra can still work for you.

We’ve also seen a lot of people rocking their longline bras as tops with their fave jeans or a skirt – making them a fabulous underwear-as-outerwear choice! Styles with a longer waist, like Liaison's Vienna longline bra, can be a top choice for something like this.

What are the benefits of a longline bra?

There are lots of things that make a longline bra a great choice for fuller busts, but here are the key things that set it apart from other styles:

  • The extended underband adds more support and uplift – great for heavier busts
  • Longline bras can be worn as outerwear if you’re feeling daring enough!
  • They can help relieve pain from slouching by encouraging you to sit up straighter
  • Although they’re not shapewear, they can give a slight cinching effect for a more streamlined silhouette

And that just about covers everything you need to know about longline bras!

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