do my bra straps dig in?

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering ‘why are my bra straps digging in to my shoulders?’.

There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening, and we’ll go over them all for you here.

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The main reason why your bra straps are digging in

The number one cause of bra straps digging into your shoulders is wearing a bra that’s too loose around the back band. At least 80% of the support in your bra should be given by the band, with the remaining 20% or less split across the cups and straps.

If your bra’s back band is too loose, then it will not be giving your breasts the support they need which in turn causes them to pull down on the straps and dig into your shoulders. Ouch. We also find that a lot of people who wear a band that’s too loose will over compensate by over-tightening their straps.

Remember, your straps should only be adjusted to a two-finger tension!

Other reasons why your bra straps dig into your shoulders

If your back band is definitely the right fit (tip: you should only be able to fit two fingers underneath the band and not be able to pull it away from your torso by a couple of centimetres) and you’re still getting pain from your bra straps digging in, then it might be that the cup’s structure quite right for you.

If this is the case for you, look for a style that has seamed cups as these can help add more structure and support to the cups than those with a seamless or moulded cup. If you find that even with seams you’re still getting discomfort from the straps digging in, try something with a light foam lining in the cup. This adds even more structure, without necessarily adding any extra volume to your breasts.

With a fuller bust, a heavier bust often goes hand-in-hand. Ensuring you have shape and structure in your bra’s cups combined with a properly fitting, firm back band you will find that it helps to lift your bust from below and literally take the weight off your shoulders.


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Is it normal to get indents in your shoulder from bra straps digging in?

Ultimately all our bodies are different, and we all carry our weight in different ways. Some people have naturally softer shoulders, which means they’ll almost always have indents in their shoulders from their bra straps even if the fit is perfect and super supportive – but it shouldn’t be painful if this is the case.

If you have worn the wrong size bra for a prolonged period of time, you may even have permanent indentations in your shoulders from where the straps have been digging in over all that time due to improper support. Start wearing the right size and style bra for your unique body shape, and you’ll at least relieve the discomfort even if the marks never quite go away.

So yes, it is normal to get indents in your shoulders to some degree – but make sure you have a properly fitting bra to reduce it as much as possible. You should never be in pain or discomfort from wearing the correct bra.

How can I stop my bra straps digging in?

To help stop your bra straps digging in, make sure you have the correct bra fit. Try taking our bra fit quiz here to find out if you’re in the right size or not! There are also some styles that have thicker shoulder straps to help disperse the pressure, like our Flirtelle range that all feature 22mm wide straps.

If you’re really struggling to relieve the pressure on your shoulders even with the correct bra fit and wider straps, you can get accessories like the Bye Bra Cushion Strap Pads that slip onto your bra’s straps to add an extra layer of comfort.

We hope this helps you understand why your bra straps might be digging in, and how to prevent it!

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