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Shapewear Style Guide

Plus Size Bras Guide

For us ladies with a curvy figure and a fuller body shape, the hunt for that elusive, perfect bra can be even more of an arduous task! When searching the high street, it is often disheartening to see shelves upon shelves of identical bras that have simply been enlarged without any consideration for changes in proportion. A plus sized bra, with alterations which take into account the larger bust, is therefore an absolute necessity.

Luckily, if you know anything about Brastop then you know that you have come to the right place, as we stock the best fuller figure lingerie brands all in one place, with 125 sizes available across D to K cups and 28-48 back bands! This guide is here to give you all the necessary information regarding the ins and outs of plus sized lingerie, from specialist features to the best styles to suit the plus sized shape.

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Who Should Wear a Plus Size Bra?

Here at Brastop we know better than most that there is a lot of experimenting required when choosing your perfect bra. As specialists in D to K cup sizes we stock a huge range of bras which have been designed specifically to accommodate the more curvaceous figure and we never ever choose standard bras which have just been made into a larger size.

For this reason, any woman with curves or a fuller figure should choose a bra which has been tailored for more generous proportions. If you wear back bands from around a 34 upwards or cup sizes of around an F upwards, you should certainly be considering bras which have been designed with the full figure in mind, but plus sized bras are perfect for anyone who is looking for a more comfortable level of support.

What are the Features of a Plus Size Bra?

A correctly fitting bra will do wonders for the fuller figure in lifting up your boobs and defining your curves! In order to do this, plus size bras showcase more adequate support through the underband as well as in the straps. Structural features such as deeper back bands, wider straps, generously proportioned cups and underwires which do not dig in at the sides should also be present and correct on a good plus sized bra.

In addition to this, some people choose to look for bras which go above and beyond the standard two-hook back fastening. For higher levels of support, some fuller-figured bra designs feature three, four or even five rows of hook and eye clasps along the back. Perfect for adding that extra support!

What are the Features of a Plus Size Bra?
Which Style of Plus Size Bra is Best?

Which Style of Plus Size Bra is Best?

In the past, it was a sad fact that plus size equaled drab, ugly and colour-less bras that really didn’t do much for the figure. We are very pleased to say that those days are well and truly over, with curvy bras being available in pretty much every style under the sun! Our dedicated bra style guide which covers all of the different bra shapes is a great place to help you choose the best shape for you, but with regard to plus size bras we are able to outline certain styles which work particularly well.

For the ultimate in coverage and support, the full cup bra reigns supreme by shaping the bust into a natural and rounded shape while avoiding any boob spillage over the top of the bra. Side support bras are a favourite among plus sized bras for those who want a more streamlined silhouette with forward projection for their bust. If you’re wearing clothing with a lower neckline, a fuller plunge bra that also incorporates a wider back band and wider straps is a very comfortable alternative.

The Best Plus Sized Bra Brands

When you’re searching for the ultimate plus sized bra, be sure to look out for the features that we have outlined here to avoid purchasing a bra that doesn’t have the best interests of your assets at heart!

Luckily, there are plus size lingerie brands out there such as Liaison, Adella, Curvy Kate, and Elomi, who are dedicated to manufacturing gorgeous bras which have been designed with the fuller figure firmly in mind. Certain plus size bras are widely accepted as being the best of the best in terms of comfort, style and support, though it’s always necessary to try out a selection to find the best one for you – we’re all unique after all!

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