What is...
a Moulded Bra?

While you’ve been bra shopping, you’ve probably come across the term ‘moulded bra’ – but what is a moulded bra and what do they do, are moulded bras good, and who can wear one? Read our quick guide to moulded bras below to find out!

What is a moulded bra?

Moulded bras have a seamless cup, made out of one piece of fabric. The name ‘moulded’ comes from the manufacturing process – the cups of these bras are usually ‘moulded’ around a form, using a heat press to give them their shape without needing seams or different cuts of fabric. Moulded bras can be padded or foam lined, like Curvy Kate’s Smoothie Plunge T-Shirt bra, or they can be non-padded like the Gossard Glossies sheer bras.

What does a moulded bra do?

Moulded bras are designed to give a smooth fit under clothes thanks to their seamless design, whether they’re padded or non-padded. This means they won’t be seen as much under tighter clothes, like the seams or lace details in a regular bra might be.

A moulded bra that has a foam lining, also known as a T-shirt bra, can be a great choice for those who want a very rounded shape to their bust. The rigid design of a moulded foam cup means it keeps its shape for your boobs to fit into, unlike a non-moulded regular bra that has more flexibility to fit to your breasts.

Non-padded moulded bras, like Gossard Glossies, tend to offer a more natural shape to your bust. This is because they do not have the foam lining to keep the fabric rigid, and the lack of seams means there’s nothing to really shape your breasts.


"It's like it was made for me."

Curvy Kate Smoothie Strapless Moulded Bra

Who can wear a moulded bra?

A moulded bra can admittedly be hard to find the right fit in for some people. Because the cups are made around a specific mould shape, this means the cups won’t fit every breast perfectly. Generally, we find foam lined moulded bras will work best for those who have firmer breast tissue and a fuller breast shape – but don’t be afraid to try a few and see what works for you! The great thing is that moulded bras often come in both plunge and balcony styles, so you can choose the right amount of coverage for you.

As there is more flexibility with non-padded moulded bras, these may be more suitable for those who have less upper fullness in their breasts but still want a smoother silhouette under their outfits.

Moulded bras can also be great for disguising asymmetrical breasts under outfits thanks to the rigid cups. When you have asymmetrical boobs it is always recommended to fit to your larger breast, which can cause some gaping on your smaller side – but with a moulded bra this gaping can be easily covered under outfits and won’t be seen, as the rigid cup will hold its shape better than a non-moulded bra!

Due to the lack of seams, moulded bras are also a great choice for those who find their nipples or skin get irritated by the inner seams of a bra rubbing against them.

What are the benefits of a moulded bra?

Even though moulded bras can be trickier to find your perfect fit in, don’t be discouraged to try a few and see if you can find one that works for you. Their benefits include:

  • Offering a smoother silhouette thanks to the seamless design, so there’s no show-through under clothes
  • Foam lined moulded bras can help disguise asymmetrical breasts
  • The seamless design can be more comfortable for those who have sensitive skin and find inner seams of other bras to be irritating
  • Moulded bras tend to give a rounded shape to your boobs

And that just about covers everything you need to know about moulded bras!

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