What is...
a Strapless Bra?

When it comes to being DD+, there’s a bit of a love/hate relationship with strapless bras. We’re often asked can someone with bigger boobs can wear a strapless bra, and how to find a comfortable fit in one. Let us explain!

What is a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is, as it says in the name, a bra without straps. They sometimes come with shoulder straps that attach with hooks and can be taken off, or worn in different ways, like a multiway bra.

What does a strapless bra do?

Strapless bras open up a whole world of outfit possibilities while ensuring your bust is fully supported and uplifted – hello pretty summer dresses, bandeau tops and strapless evening dresses!

We all know by now that your regular bras should be giving at least 80% of the support with just 20% coming from the straps and cups, but with strapless bras this all needs to be given by the band and cups as there are no straps, so it is important to get the fit just right. This is also why most strapless bras for large breasts will feature a foam lining or padding in the cups, as well as underwire, to ensure you’re getting as much structure and support as possible.

Many strapless bras also feature a rubber or silicone strip around the back band and wings of the bra to help it grip to your skin and ensure no slippage, with more rows of hooks and eyes to give a deeper band width.


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Curvy Kate Smoothie Strapless Moulded Bra

Who can wear a strapless bra?

Strapless bras for DD+ cups are becoming more readily available as garment technology improves, meaning more and more people can wear them when they need to. Styles like Curvy Kate’s Luxe and Smoothie Strapless bras are bestselling options that cater for sizes all the way from a 28D up to a 40J!

As a general rule you shouldn’t need to drastically change which size you buy in a strapless bra, despite what some people may say, but they do tend to be made from a firmer fabric around the band to ensure you get that non-slip fit!

If you prefer your usual bra bands to fit looser or find that your strapless bras slip down, try a back size smaller in a strapless bra to make sure you get that all-important support! Remember to also go up a cup size to retain the same overall cup volume (e.g. 32G to 30GG).

If your everyday bras are already quite firm then a strapless bra might feel a bit too tight due to the firmer fabrics, so you may want to try a back size up for a more comfortable fit. Again, remember to go down a cup size if you go up a back size (e.g. 34H to 36GG) so you maintain the correct volume in the cup.

Strapless bras can also make a great choice for those who experience pain and discomfort in their shoulders from regular shoulder straps regardless of how good the fit is – as there are no straps to dig it in it can really take the weight off your shoulders.

What are the benefits of a strapless bra?

To summarise what makes a strapless bra such a great option to have in your bra-drobe:

  • Many strapless bras come with detachable straps so they can worn multiple ways
  • They open up a whole world of amazing outfit options where bra straps would normally get in the way
  • They’re a great option for those who experience pain and discomfort from regular shoulder straps

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