What is...
a Plunge Bra?

When it comes to bras shape matters just as much as the size, and this post will be talking all about plunge bras.

Some of you might already know, but others might be thinking “what is a plunge bra?”, or “what does a plunge bra do?” which we’ll answer for you now! So without further ado…

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra is a style of bra that has a lower centre front, or centre gore, creating a low V-neck shape.

They tend to have less coverage than other styles like balcony bras or full cup bras, but no less support (key for those of us with fuller busts!), meaning a plunge bra makes a great choice to wear under those outfits with lower necklines.

Plunge bras for bigger breasts are available in both padded or non-padded options, as well as seamless and moulded styles for a super sleek fit under your clothes.

There are also different styles of plunge bra that can offer extreme low necklines like Curvy Kate’s SuperPlunge, or a higher neckline like the Flirtelle Hayley Plunge Bra.

What does a plunge bra do?

The underwire shape in a plunge bra is often like a ‘J’ tilted on its side, which allows that centre gore to sit lower and the neckline of the bra comes in at an angle rather than sitting straight across your breasts.

This combination of wire shape and cup shape pushes your breast tissue up-and-in for a rounded look with great cleavage, without adding too much push-up or extra volume to your chest.


"The first deep plunge non padded bra that I've bought… lovely round shape and good support. I like this a lot!"

Who can wear a plunge bra?

Plunge bras are a great addition to anyone’s lingerie drawer, thanks to their practicality under low neckline outfits.

If you have a particularly close-set bust and struggle to get the centre gore sitting flush to your sternum, or find that bras with a taller centre gore dig in and cause pain at the front, then a plunge bra is probably going to work great for you!

Some plunge bras with extremely deep or open necklines may not be suitable for those with softer breast tissue, but don’t think that means all plunge bras are unsuitable!

Some styles, like the Curvy Kate Centre Stage Full Plunge Bra, are designed with this in mind and offer a little more coverage and security at the centre front, while still giving a low V-neck shape.

What are the benefits of a plunge bra?

To sum up, plunge bras are great because:

  • They sit lower at the centre front, so they work well under low necklines
  • Plunge bras can give your cleavage a boost without adding extra volume to your breasts
  • There are different styles of plunge bras to suit different breast shapes
  • If you find bras with taller centre gores painful, plunge bras may be more comfortable for you
  • A plunge bra can sit better against your sternum if you have close-set boobs

Plunge bras don’t have to be reserved for special occasions where your V-neck dresses are coming out to play, either! They can be a great option for everyday wear even under regular clothes, and can be more comfortable for some people depending on their breast shape and preferences.

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