What is...
a Wireless Bra?

Wireless bras are fast becoming popular in the lingerie world, especially for D+ cup sizes where our options were previously limited. But what is a wireless bra, what do they do, and how do they differ from bralettes? Read on to find out!

What is a wireless bra?

We’re not talking about a bra that can connect to WiFi! Wireless bras are just what they say on the tin: a bra without any underwires. They are different to bralettes as wireless bras typically have more of a traditional cup structure to them, whereas bralettes are often more relaxed and fashion-forward.

What does a wireless bra do?

Wireless bras, or non-wired bras, do most of the same things that your regular underwired bras do but with a little less support due to the lack of wires.

Also known as soft cup bras, wireless bras rely on the shaping and structure of the cups to give the shape and support required and may often feature things like a thicker or deeper underband and less-stretchy materials, as well as extra sections in the cups which you’ll notice with additional seams.

Styles like the Royce Charlotte comfort bra and Panache Andorra non-wired bra are great examples of wireless bras that have a supportive multi-part cup structure similar to a traditional bra, but without the wires.


"For a bra that's not underwired I actually felt confident wearing this all day long whilst working, as it still gave me the support I needed."

Flirtelle Viola Bralette

Who can wear a wireless bra?

Up until recently, wireless bras weren’t very common in larger cup sizes. However, as garment technology has improved we’ve seen lots of lovely wire-free bras come onto the market for fuller busts! This makes wireless bras less exclusive to those with smaller busts, and more accessible for those with DD+ cup sizes and beyond.

Wireless bras can be worn by anyone who wants to wear one, and can be a great choice for those who struggle to find underwired bras with a wire shape that fits them comfortably. They’re also a preferred choice for those who have recently undergone chest surgery such as mastectomies or breast augmentations.

Remember that wireless bras don’t offer as much support as their wired counterparts, so some people might find they only like to wear them around the house for doing basic tasks like cleaning, or even for gentle support while sleeping.

What are the benefits of a wireless bra?

Wireless bras can be great for many reasons, including:

  • Wireless bras offer comfort for those who struggle to find comfortable fits in underwired bras
  • They can be great for giving gentle support while at home or sleeping
  • As much as we love the shape from our underwired bras, sometimes its nice to just have wire-free comfort!

So that sums up wireless bras – what they are, what they do, and who they’re for. We hope this helped you understand a bit more about this style of bra!

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