What is...
a bra extender?

The world of lingerie is pretty vast – not only do we have a range of styles and types of bra, but we also have accessories to consider too. You might have seen something called a bra extender, but do you know what it is or what it does?

Our guide below will reveal all there is to know about bra extenders!

What is a bra extender?

Bra extenders are a clever accessory that is designed to attach to your bra’s existing hook and eye fastening to add extra length to your back band.

What does a bra extender do?

Just like it says in the name, a bra extender works to add extra length to the band of your bra, allowing it to fit looser and gives you more room. They use the same hook and eyes as your regular bra fastening – simply attach it between to instantly add extra inches to your bra back.

Most bra extenders are a solid piece of fabric, but others may have a slight elasticated panel to give more flexibility. Some also feature ‘split’ rows of hooks and eyes which can be beneficial for bras that have more than 2 or 3 rows of hooks.


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Who can wear a bra extender?

As bra fit experts, we’re generally cautious of things that can alter the fit of your bra – but there are some really good cases where bra back extenders can be useful.

If you’re someone who is between sizes and find that going for a smaller back size is too firm but the next size up is too loose, then a bra extender can be a great option to fix this problem. Stick with the smaller size, and use a bra extender to add a bit of room until your new bra has broken in and stretched out a little bit to fit more comfortably.

Likewise, if you find your weight fluctuates a lot or you find yourself getting quite bloated during certain times of the month, then a bra extender can help your existing bras fit a bit more comfortably without having to spend too much money on bras that are only going to be too big again in a couple of weeks!

Pregnancy is also a great time to try out a bra back extender. Most maternity and nursing bras are designed with extra columns of hooks and eyes, as it’s well known that our bodies go through so much change during these things, but sometimes that couple of extra columns still isn’t quite enough. Again, instead of spending more money on bras that may be too big in a month or so, try using a bra extender to add more room – especially for when you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy.

What are the benefits of a bra extender?

Used in the right circumstances, a bra extender can be a great addition to any bra wardrobe! Here are just some of the best reasons for using a bra extender:
  • Bra extenders are great for helping you break in a new bra that’s just a bit too tight, but the next size up was too big
  • Allowing extra room and comfort during pregnancy
  • Saving money by not having to buy new bras as often if you experience fluctuations in weight

That’s all you need to know about the clever bra extender! Think you might need to add one to your lingerie drawer? Shop our range of bra accessories including back band extenders here:

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