What is...
the Scoop and Swoop?

No, it’s not the latest new TikTok dance – the Scoop and Swoop is an important part of putting your bra on and helping you determine if you’re in the right bra size! Loved by bra fitters around the world, find out what makes the Scoop and Swoop so great and why you should make sure you’re doing it every time you put your bra on.

What is the Scoop and Swoop method?

The Scoop and Swoop is a bra fitting technique or method that ensures you’re getting all your breast tissue inside the cups of your bra, where it belongs.

How does the Scoop and Swoop method work?

By Scooping and Swooping your breast tissue into your bra’s cups, you can determine if you need to go up or down a cup size (or two!). First of all, pop your bra on and fasten it. Bend forward slightly at the waist so your breast tissue naturally falls forward and down, then reach a hand into the opposite bra cup and ‘scoop’ your breast tissue forwards from right back at your underarm through to the front, then repeat on the other side. This scooping motion ensures you’re pulling all your breast tissue up-front, so it’s sitting clear of the underwires and comfortably in the cup.

The Swoop part of this method involves straightening back up and letting your breasts settle back into place and running a finger along your bust just under the neckline of your bra, to ‘swoop’ your breast tissue into position. If your boobs are now spilling over the top of the cups, this is a sign you need to go up a cup size. If you still have some gapping or wrinkling, then you may need a cup size down.


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Do you need to Scoop and Swoop?

We recommend that anyone who wears bras learns how to effectively Scoop and Swoop, and does this every time they put on a bra! By scooping your breast tissue forwards you’re ensuring it is sitting clear of your bra’s underwires, so you won’t get pain or discomfort from the wires pressing into the sensitive tissue – and you’re also avoiding causing long term damage to it, too.

Ensuring that you Scoop and Swoop every time you put on a bra means that you’ll be more in tune with your body and breasts – you’ll get to know if you have fluctuations in size at certain times of the month, and you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to have a new bra fitting.

Scooping and Swooping your breast tissue into the cups correctly every time you put a bra on means your bra is fitting the best it can, so it’s giving the best support and shape possible to reduce your discomfort and show off your curves in all their glory.

What are the benefits of Scooping and Swooping?

If you can’t tell, we LOVE the Scoop and Swoop technique! To recap, here are the benefits to this quick and easy bra fitting method:

  • Scooping your breast tissue forwards ensures it isn’t sitting trapped beneath your bra’s underwires, reducing pain and discomfort
  • The Scoop and Swoop can help you determine the best cup size for you, so no more double-boob or gaping cups!
  • You’ll become more in-tune with your body and breasts, and will know when it’s time for a new bra fitting

So there you have it! Give the Scoop and Swoop a go, and see if it makes a difference to how your current bras fit. If you try it and think you need to change your bra size, check out our guides on how to find your perfect bra fit or take our bra fit quiz to help you figure out the next best size to try.

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