If you’re a January baby, then you know the struggle. Having your birthday so close to Christmas just isn’t any good. From getting the Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday cards to everyone being skint, I’m certain you’ll understand at least one of these:

No one has any money after Christmas so forget that big night out you had planned.

Help Me Poor Gif


If you do go out, you’re outfit is more Ski Sunday than Strictly.

Cold Frozen Gif


Everyone’s trying to detox so that ‘cheap meal’ in replacement of the night out isn’t going to work either.

Butter Carb Mean Girls Gif


Everyone’s all shopped out, so vouchers it is.

ungrateful gif


You may have already had your birthday present. ‘It’s for Christmas AND your birthday’ is your all-time favourite phrase... not.



People might forget it’s your birthday as they’re all sad about being back at work.

Remeber Gif


You’re either still surrounded by Christmas decorations or Valentines chocolates depending on which end of the month you are. Not cute.



You have nothing to look forward to in the middle of the year. All those July babies have it best.

Bored Gif


All the good telly has started so when you hear ‘I’d rather stay in’ you know that they’re curled up on the sofa watching Netflix.

NetFlix and Chill


However… it’s a great excuse to still be eating cake after Christmas!

Hamster Cake Gif

Are we missing any vital points off the list? Or are you a January baby and disagree? Give us a tweet to @brastop and tell us!

Grace x

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