We’ve all been there. ‘I’m debuting my oh-so-fabulous new shoes tonight!!’ like yeah, I can totally do this. They’re so pretty, why won’t they be comfortable… oh how wrong we always are. It’s a vicious cycle we all fall in to. They say beauty is pain for a reason… BECAUSE IT IS! So why not turn what we all know to be true into a parodic list with funny gifs to illustrate it??

Here are our emotional and oh so real stages of wearing heels on a night out:

1. Reaching for the new heels that you’re sure won’t hurt as bad as last weeks pair… Because hey, nothing could be as bad at that right? I definitely would have got used to the heel height with only one wear and spending the rest of the week in flats…

Carrie Bradshaw Shoes

Big Dreamer Stage

2. Strutting around your room like you’re Beyoncé – feelin’ good so far!

Beyonce Flawless

Beyoncé Mode

3. You bound out of the house, straight into the taxi like you could conquer the world in these gorgeous shoes, what was I evening talking about!?

Patrick Heels


4. 20 minutes in and even sitting down has made you lose all feeling in your little and big toes – breath through it BREATHE THROUGH IT

ooh burn

I Think I Can Still Do It Stage

5. You’re friends all confirmed they went perfectly with your outfit ‘you MUST wear them!’ so you try to deny the fact you’ve now lost ALL feeling getting out of the cab and into the club.

Ross Geller I'm Fine

I'm Fine Stage

6. You want to cut shapes so badly on the dance floor but you’re not sure if the shoes have already defeated you. Dancing will numb the pain right???

Model Falling

No Really I'm Fine Stage

7. Sitting on your own in the toilet holding back sobs at the fact you spend £60+ on these shoes

I don't Deserve This right Now

WHY ME Stage

8. There’s only one way – hit the bar. If dancing won’t numb the pain, alcohol surely will.


All The Alcohol Stage

9. You’ve now gone from doing cartwheels on the dance floor to lightly swaying and changing feet every now and again.

Phoebe Friends swaying

Trying To Get Past It Stage

10. Whoever invented chairs deserves a medal, SRSLY!?


Anything I Can Sit On Stage

11. Time to leave – how far away from the club is it acceptable to take off your shoes and hobble into the cab?

No Heels

YOLO Stage

12. SWEET RELIEF now sitting in the cab with the shoes firmly off your feet!?

Feels Good

No Regrets Stage

13. Already thinking of next week’s outfit and what shoes would go perfectly…

Next Week

Back To Bey Stage

And the cycle continues!?

We can’t deny it ladies, we’ve all been there, and we’ll keep doing it as long as pretty shoes are being made. Tweet or Facebook us about a time you’ve regret wearing those heels, we’d love to hear!

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Grace x

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