January is known for resolutions, Blue Monday and of course, sales. We’ve all had that shameless Monica-from-friends-dress-shopping moment so it only seems right to confess the thoughts that run through our minds during this ‘stressful’ time that we know every girl can relate to:

Monica Wedding Dress Scene Gif

People. Everywhere.

I immediately Regret Gif

I’ll just wait for you to finish looking *10 minutes later still waiting*

mr burns simpsons waiting gif

Time to get pushy

No This Can't Happen Gif

LOVE THAT… oh wait it’s two sizes too big/small.

Not Cute Gif

I can’t leave empty handed after all this!

Boots Gif

Do I really need it? RE: point above.

Give It To Me Gif

I’m so glad I don’t work in retail right now.

Hate Everyone Gif

I’ve just knocked 4 things on the floor while attempting to get hold of 1 thing and I have no hands left to pick it up.

Raspberry Gif

I may as well look at the full price stuff why I’m here *immediately likes everything but can’t afford it*

Excuse Me Gif

This queue is insanely long...

Queue Long Gif

Get me out of here now… oh wait that shop has a sale too!

yay sale

It’s a vicious cycle, we get sucked in every season… but we kind of love it! Lucky enough for you however, as you can shop our sale from the comfort of your own home or on the go! So hopefully we can counteract some of the above. Tell us some of your worst sale shopping experiences in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Grace x

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