There are some things that us girls experience that men just won’t get. Are we right ladies?? Feel free to add anything we’ve missed in the comments below!

Hair in face and lip gloss situation

When it’s windy, you just know that your freshly made up do is going to end up like a birds nest and in your lip gloss.

wind meme

Loosing food down your top

We use the term loosing quite lightly here, as it’s more like the last crumbs of the popcorn that end up down there or the biscuit crumbs – oops.

Popcorn Clevage Gif

The last hairband

Whenever you need a hairband, you can never find out. When you don’t, oh hey there’s one at the bottom of your bag. Don’t even get us started on the bobby pins…

Hair Tie

Hair and wearing glasses

If you want to get your glasses all caught up in your do then try putting them on top of your head. Not a pleasant experience.

cat glasses


The pony tail and the egg

When you want to wear your hair up without the fear of looking like an egg but it never happens.

Ponytail Egg


Rain and humidity aren’t your friends


frizzy hair

Sneezing just after putting your mascara on

It looks like you’ve just watched The Notebook.

Mascara Gif

Nail painting before bed

Expect the imprint of your sheets in all but one of your freshly painted nails in the morning.

Nailed It Meme


Ladies, we feel your pain.

Grace x

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