Bra myths – we’ve all heard them/believed in them but we want to set the record straight once and for all from the most commonly known ones as well as a few you may have never heard of.

The number one myth we always hear is NEVER sleep in your bra! NEVER EVER. Why? Because it causes all sorts of health problems. Incorrect. Doctor Amber Guth from the Breast Cancer Surgery Multidisciplinary Fellowship has said there’s just no way sleeping in a bra is bad for you. There is no evidence that sleeping in a bra is either helpful OR harmful. So if you sleep in a bra and ditched it after hearing this – you can wear it once again if you wish without the fear of health risks.

woman sleeping on her side

Another common myth is that sleeping in a bra stops your boobs from sagging. Brest sagging is a natural occurrence. It’s caused by age and gravity – two things we can’t get away from so if you’ve been wearing a bra at night for this very reason, we suggest whipping it off and having a bra-free night sleep.

Bra washing has always been a hot topic for as long as we can remember. Is once a week too little? Is any more too much? Well to put your minds at rest – it’s all personal. Yes, washing them excessively can shorten their life span, but each individual has different amounts of oils in their skin and can sweat more than others through a day or week. This makes the decision up to you how and when you wash it. As your bra doesn’t sit directly under your armpit, you can get away with wearing it a few times on the trot before giving it a wash. You’re also a little mistaken if you’ve been adjusting the hooks at the back depending on how much you want to hoist those puppies. These hooks in fact are to give leeway as not every individual person is going to be a 34 back or 36 back for example.

bras in washing machine

The cups of a bra yes, are the parts holding the girls in place, but it would be wrong to suggest that these do most of the supporting. The back band does a good 80% of the work. This is why we always suggest having a firm back band as this gives the best support - especially if you’re a larger cup size.

The misconception with white tops is to wear the lightest bra underneath, nuh-uh honey. The closer the bra is to your skin tone, the less likely it is to show up. So if you’ve always wondered why your white bra is beaming through your shirt or blouse, this is why! Check out our blog on what bras work best under a white t-shirt for more info.

lace bra fastening

These are just a few of ones we hear on a regular basis and don’t worry if you’ve ever given in to any of them – we have too! Are there any more you’ve heard that we’ve failed to mention? Tweet us yours to @brastop!

Grace x

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