Ever wondered why your white bra still shows up under your white shirts and blouses? It’s a common bra misconception that you should wear a white bra under white shirts – in reality, the best thing to do is find a bra that matches your skin tone as closely as possible! A bra that matches your skin tone - or in some cases even a red bra - blends in better than a white bra. And then what about seamed bras vs smooth bras? Should it be padded or non-padded? We put these to the test to compare and find out what works best under your white shirts 👇

White Bra vs Nude Bra White T-Shirt Test

White vs 'Nude'

We put our bestselling Curvy Kate Ellace to the test in the white and latte colourways. With the white one you can see the lace and seams through the shirt, while the latte colour blends in with the model’s complexion and becomes invisible (except for the outline of the seams) under the white shirt.

Our verdict: Latte wins! Find a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible if you don’t want your bra to be visible under lighter clothes.

Seamed Bra vs Non-Seamed Bra White T Shirt Test

Seamed vs Non-Seamed

Next up we put a couple of non-padded bras to the test – the Pour Moi Electra Side Support bra which is seamed and features a lace overlay, against the Gossard Glossies which is a non-padded, seamless bra. You can see that despite the beige colour, the Pour Moi Electra bra’s seams are visible under the shirt. With the Gossard Glossies bra, the seamless cups ensure a smooth fit even without the padding.

Our verdict: Seamless wins! Seamed bras ensure more support, however if you’re after a sleek and smooth fit, opt for a seamless option.

Moulded Bra vs Cut and Sew Bra White T-Shirt Test

Moulded vs Padded

Finally, we compared a moulded bra to a padded bra. Both bras feature a light foam lining in the cups and have the added benefit of concealing your nipples if that’s what you’re after. The popular Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul which is moulded and flaunts a perfectly smooth cup, against the just as popular Curvy Kate Daily Dream, which is a 3-part cut-and-sew balconette shape. Similarly to before, the seams on Daily Dream are visible through the fabric of the shirt despite the biscotti tone blending in to the skin, but for a flawless shape Smoothie Soul wins!

Our verdict: Moulded wins! For a totally invisible look, opt for a lightly padded moulded bra that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

Various Red Bras Under White T-Shirt Test

Bonus round: Red bras

No, we’re not crazy! Red bras can work just as well under white clothes - the trick is finding one that has the same undertones as your skin! You might get the odd seam showing through, but the actual red colour won't be noticeable. If you have a very pale complexion, blush pink colours can work better over red.

So there we have it! For the ultimate stealth bra, opt for a moulded, lightly padded seamless style in a colour that matches your complexion as closely as possible. Do you have a go-to bra for under your white clothes? Let us know in the comments or on social @Brastop.

LJ x

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