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It’s time to bust some myths about bras! We see and hear so many things about bras and boobs that simply aren’t true, and can really stop someone from finding their perfect bra fit. We’ve taken some of the most common myths about bras below and busted them so you can rest easy and stop believing them!

marks left on skin from a properly fitted bra

1. If a bra leaves marks on the skin it’s too tight

Wrong! If your bra fits correctly, it will leave an impression on your skin at the end of the day. For a bra to do its job, it needs to sit firmly against your body to hold the weight of your bust up. Think about socks or knickers or your skinny jeans - they leave marks on your skin too. It’s completely normal! If your bra is causing severe pain or is breaking the skin then make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size, or try something with softer fabrics.

bra back band test 80:20 rule

2. The straps support your boobs

Incorrect: the straps should be doing less than 20% of the overall support. Your bra band needs to do at least 80% of the work! That’s why it’s so important to get the right bra fit. The straps are there mainly to hold the cups in place - if they’re doing too much work, the weight of your breasts will pull them down at the front causing pain and pulling the band up so you’re not getting adequate support. If your straps are digging in, try a firmer band size to – literally – take the weight off your shoulders.

3. Padded bras will make my boobs look bigger

Not always true! If you’re in the correct bra size, a simple foam lined bra should not add any extra volume to your bust but will instead offer a more rounded shape, provide extra lift or va-va-voom, and will conceal nipples. The only time padding will make your boobs look bigger is when it is a push-up style with graduated padding in the cups.

cat sleeping

4. You can’t sleep in a bra

Wrong again. If you feel more comfortable sleeping in a bra then there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. If you want to sleep in a wired bra, make sure it has a perfect fit so the wires aren’t poking into the breast tissue and causing damage. A lot of women with larger busts prefer to have some support when sleeping. We recommend a non-wired bra or a specially designed sleep bra for optimum comfort though.

jennifer lawrence breasts uneven

5. Breasts can be asymmetric

This one is actually correct, and very common. Most people will have one breast larger than the other! The difference can vary from being minuscule and barely noticeable, to being a whole cup size or two different – if you have very asymmetrical breasts make sure you fit to the larger side to avoid discomfort or pain with wires digging in. We recommend stretch lace bras for a perfect fit.

white and skin tone bra

6. White bras are best under white shirts

Wrong! White bras under white shirts will still show up through the fabric. To get an invisible look, you need to find a bra that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. A nude tone or even the right shade of red can work better under white clothes than a white bra. We go more into this here!

disbelief gif

7. Every lingerie brand fits the same

Not true. As annoying as it can be, every brand of lingerie will fit differently so many women find that their size varies between them – just like regular clothes where you can be one size in one store and a different size somewhere else. Even different styles in the same brand can fit differently due to the varying shapes of the cups (e.g. plunge vs. balconette)! Don’t dismiss a new bra just because it doesn’t fit in your ‘normal’ size to start with – and if you’re unsure of what size to try next give us a bell and we’ll be happy to help.

We hope that’s answered some of your questions! How many of these bra myths did you believe? Are there any you can think of that we’ve missed off? Let us know in the comments or on social and we might just do a part 2!


LJ x

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