Breasts. Boobs. Melons. Jugs. Whatever you want to call them, half of the world has them. But how much do you actually know about your breasts? We’ve rounded up 8 of the most obscure facts about breasts that you probably didn’t know…

boob breast bra facts uneven asymmetrical

1. The majority of women have asymmetrical breasts, but did you know they’re most symmetrical during days 14 and 16 of your monthly cycle? This is due to the hormones released during ovulation.
asymmetrical breasts
2. Speaking of asymmetry, it’s usually the left breast that’s the bigger of the two!

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3. Without adequate support during sport, your breasts can move as much as 8 inches up and down especially during activities like running! Make sure you’re in a properly fitted and supportive sports bra to avoid damaging the ligaments in your breasts.

boob breast bra facts beach

4. Sleeping on your front regularly can cause your breasts to change shape!

boob breast bra facts mind blown

5. Men have nipples because all foetuses start off generically, following a ‘female blueprint’ in the early stages of embryo development.

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6. The current average bra size in the UK is a 36D, but just a few years ago it was 34B! This is partly down to better education about bra sizing and fit, however there are still over 80% of women in the wrong size. (Make sure you visit our Fitting Room to find your perfect bra fit! Still unsure? Get in touch with us and our friendly bra experts will be happy to help).

boob breast bra facts average bra size 36D

7. An average pair of breasts contains 4-5% of the overall amount of body fat.

boob breast bra facts body fat

8. Humans are the only species on Earth to have permanent breasts. Other primates only have breasts when they are breastfeeding!

Did you know any of these? Comment below if you know any others that we’ve missed!

LJ x

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