Wearing the right bra shape to suit your boob type can work absolute wonders for the way it fits! It lifts you up and really helps to focus on your fabulous curves. So how do you figure out which style is best for you? Well, it's all down to the shape of your boobs...

Full on Top

Some of us are very full on top and quite round. We often find ourselves spilling out of bras even though we know we are wearing the right size. This is where a full cup bra comes in to play! This style offers full support and a higher neckline to ensure that everything is covered, avoiding that 'double boob' look, which we all know is not the most attractive. Other bras can also be worn depending on your desired look, but you may have to adjust your sizing (e.g. up a cup in balconette shapes) to get the perfect fit!

full cup bras for D+ cupsPour Moi St Tropez Full Cup Bra in White - RRP £25

Will also suit: Plunge, Balconette, Side Support, T-shirt bras

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Bottom Heavy/Shallow on Top

Those of us that carry most of our breast tissue on the bottom may find ourselves lacking a little bit of oomph on top, and are best suited to balconette bras. This style sits lower than a full cup bra, giving you less room to fill in the cup. Say goodbye to gaping bras!

balconette bra flirtelle swirl whiteFlirtelle Swirl Balconette Bra White - RRP £32

Will also suit: Plunge bras

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Wide Set

If you find yourself much more side heavy, then a side support bra is going to be a life saver for you! The side panels in the bra push your sides in, creating a nice rounded shape heading forward rather than East to West. The difference that the small side panel makes is figure changing!

Curvy Kate Victory side support bra blackCurvy Kate Victory Balconette bra with Side Support in Black - RRP £33

Will also suit: Full Cup, Balconette, Plunge, T-shirt bras

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Conical breasts are much more cone shaped then they are round. Any type of bra can be worn with this shape, however if you are looking for a more rounded shape then I would recommend a moulded bra or a t-shirt bra. These styles have a thin layer of foam inside the cup, (they don't add any extra volume to your bust so don't worry!) and this thin layer helps create a much rounder shape, which also helps them sit smooth and undetectable under clingy or tight-fitting clothes.

smooth seamless t-shirt brasCurvy Kate Smoothie Soul T-Shirt Plunge Bra Latte - RRP £33

Will also suit: Plunge, Balconette, Side Support bras

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Almost all of us have one boob slightly bigger than the other and it also common for there to be 1-2 cup sizes difference between the twins. The best bra to suit this shape is a t-shirt bra or something with stretch lace in the top cup. The thin foam moulding on a t-shirt bra will hide the fact that you aren't quite filling the cup on your smaller side, while with a stretch lace bra the lace fits to your shape and can accommodate for a size difference between each breast. Keep in mind that it is always best to go for what your bigger side fits in to, to ensure that you are getting the right support.

panache envy stretch lace bra for asymmetrical breasts
Panache Envy Balconette Bra with Stretch Lace Top Cup in Navy - RRP £34

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Despite your shape, you may find that you suit all shapes of bras (lucky you!) or prefer a certain fit over another, however through experience, these suggested styles are what I have found to be best.

Share with us what bra style suits you best!

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