A lot of you are probably thinking – ‘I know what a plunge bra is.’ but some of you may not. So we thought we’d take you through a breakdown of the different elements of a plunge bra, and who/what they are best for.

There is one very clear difference between a plunge and any other style of bra. A plunge bra features cups that are low in the centre creating that signature V shape. This helps to push your boobs together and upwards for maximum cleavage in a more natural way than traditional padded push up bras would.

The wires are a lot shorter which again aids a more prominent cleavage for a deeper neckline.

The centre gore is often a lot narrower – which can be great for women who find that part irritating day to day.

Balconette bras are known for being a woman’s go-to as they provide good coverage as well as a nice rounded shape. Women tend to avoid plunges because they don’t think they’ll get this with them. However, the low centre of a plunge bra naturally pushes your boobs together helping to create that rounded shape. The main misconception is that if you have boobs above a G cup, plunges are out of the question. This definitely isn’t the case. I’m an H cup and adore a plunge, especially for nights out! However, I do know a lot of women who have tried them and just don’t get on with them – which is fine too!

The types of things that plunge bras are perfect to wear with are of course low cut tops or dresses because of the cleavage enhancing element. Also tops that are low at the sides, because of the shorter wiring they usually don’t come up as high - meaning your bra shouldn’t peek through.

Here are some of our go-to plunge bras for D+ cups:

curvy kate lifestyle latte plunge braCurvy Kate Lifestyle Plunge Bra Latte

Scantilly Unzipped Plunge BraScantilly Unzipped Plunge Bra Black

Gossard Glossies Plunge Bra White
Gossard Glossies Sheer Plunge Bra White

curvy kate superplunge deep plunge bra
Curvy Kate SuperPlunge Multiway Plunge Bra Black


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You may or may not already know a few of the above but it could be something you pass on to your daughters or friends or even your fella who may be looking to get you a lingerie related gift!

Is a plunge bra your go-to? Have you ever worn a plunge bra? Comment below or let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Grace x

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