Side support bras definitely don’t get as much credit as they should. We rave about the cleavage enhancing plunges and balconettes or t-shirt bras for everyday wear but seem to forget about side supporters. Great for those who are side heavy or quite full and need more forward projection, they’re not to be ruled out as they can be total lifesavers! Not every bust is perfectly symmetrical or sits to the center, so having a bra style like this is great for helping a girl out if you prefer to be more forward-facing. Not sure whether you need one? Keep reading as we’re going to give you a side support bra breakdown!

One of the main features of a side support bra is that they have sectioned cups, giving ample support. They generally give medium coverage, but never fear those lower coverage lovers out there; this’ll still give you a good amount of cleavage! They of course wouldn’t be a side support bra without having added side panels creating that forward projection. Strong side wings on the outer side of the cup, right next to your arm, offer a secure fit so you don’t feel like there’s any unwanted spillage anywhere and it helps create a sleek silhouette by pushing all your breast tissue front-and-centre to give your bust some fabulous shaping.


We've got an ever-growing collection of side support bras, but brands like Fantasie, Freya and Panache are firm favourites. Here's just a small selection of our top styles right now:


fantasie alex white side support bra
Fantasie Alex Side Support Balconette Bra in White

curvy kate victory side support bra black
Curvy Kate Victory Balconette Bra with Side Support in Black

panache envy balconette side support bra nude
Panache Envy Side Support Balconette Bra in Beige

pour moi remix side support bra white
Pour Moi Remix Side Support Bra in White


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I hope I’ve given you an insight into the world of side support bras. If you’ve always overlooked them we hope you’ll now give one a go if you think you need one. We know they might not be for everyone, but try not to overlook them because they can be useful in solving unwanted boob woes. Want to know more about side support bras? Leave us a comment below or on any of our social channels and we’d be happy to help!

Grace x

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