The current pandemic has caused our lives to change a lot in a short space of time, as we adapt to lockdown regulations and implement social distancing in our day to day lives. As lockdown begins to lift here in the UK we’re still far from normal, but it’s giving us a chance to reflect on things we won’t be taking for granted when this is over.
  1. Hugging our parents
  2. And friends and partners
  3. Two-day Amazon Prime shipping
  4. Happy hour at our fave cocktail bar
  5. Our daily routine
  6. Retail therapy
  7. Sunny beer gardens
  8. Holidays
  9. New episodes of our fave TV shows
  10. Taking a walk without worrying about it being too busy
  11. Picnics in the park
  12. Music festivals and concerts
  13. Going to the cinema
  14. Day trips to the seaside
  15. Getting a hair cut
  16. Having our nails done
  17. Attending weddings
  18. Going into the office
  19. Not queueing for the supermarket
  20. Theme parks
  21. Spontaneous days out
  22. Travelling to see loved ones
  23. Toilet roll
  24. Pasta
  25. Rice
  26. Takeaways
  27. Going out for dinner
  28. New film releases
  29. Local farmer markets
  30. Being able to pop round to your bestie’s when you feel lonely
  31. Going to the gym
  32. Sporting events
  33. Nights out dancing
  34. Being able to go anywhere and do anything with anyone
  35. Nipping out to the corner shop for that forgotten ingredient
  36. Child care
  37. Delivery drivers and postmen
  38. Doctors and nurses
  39. Hand sanitiser
  40. Hand soap
  41. Antibacterial wipes
  42. Proper, fresh coffee
  43. Sitting in cosy coffee shops with a good book
  44. After work drinks
  45. Popping round to your neighbour’s just for a chat
  46. Being in a room full of people
  47. Pharmacies
  48. Emergency workers
  49. Our health

What will you no longer take for granted?

LJ x

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