The news is full of doom and gloom right now, and while it’s important to keep up with what’s going on, we also need a little dose of happiness to give us something to smile about while times are tough! From amazing Coronavirus recoveries to the little everyday things that we used to take for granted, here’s what’s making us smile right now:
  1. A 104 year old veteran in Oregon survived Coronavirus
  2. Beautiful blossoms on the trees outside
  3. Listening to birdsong in the morning
  4. Quieter roads – silence is golden
  5. Canals in Venice clearing up
  6. Our kitchen has never been cleaner
  7. Taking the time to have a nutritious breakfast
  8. Companies coming together to help out – like Dyson making ventilators
  9. Video calls with friends we haven’t seen in a while
  10. Our wonderful community of Brastop Babes!
  11. The smell of fresh coffee in a morning
  12. Local communities coming together to help those in need #ViralKindness
  13. The support being shown for our NHS and carers
  14. Having some extra time to ourselves
  15. Penguins roaming around their aquariums and meeting other animals

What’s making you smile during lockdown?

Stay safe,
LJ x

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