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Welcome to the Brastop blog! Here we talk about all things boob and bra related, from spotlights on the latest D to K cup lingerie and swimwear collections to finding the perfect fitting bra. All of this plus a dose of laughter, love and body positivity means the Brastop blog is the place to be!

Sports Bra Review - Guest Blog: Sian from Big Cup Little Cup
Sian, lingerie blogger from Big Cup Little Cup, reviews 3 of our top selling D+...
Boobs In The 90’s vs. Boobs Now
90’s fashion is having a major moment right now, and while we may not be...
5 Things We’ve Learnt From Watching 'Girls'
Girls HBO has taught us A LOT.
Why is ‘Plus Size’ Considered a Dirty Term?
Why is the term 'plus size' considered to be dirty? We dive into it.
REAL Celebrity Bra Sizes
Lucy fills you in on the much more realistic bras sizes of the famous women...
Making CURVY History - Size 24 Model Now Signed!
Lucy gives you the run down on the ever-so-gorgeous plus-size model, Tess Holliday!

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