A topic that is always hot on everyone’s lips is plus size. Here at Brastop we see it as something to embrace however the term is not always used in this way. It has almost become a ‘dirty’ term which isn’t surprising when all we see on TV are shaming programmes such as ‘My Big Fat Diet’ and ‘The 40st Man,’ not to mention the many video tutorials out there to get that ‘Victoria Secret body.’ It’s mad to think girls that are a size 10/12 are considered ‘plus size’ and shunned by the fashion world, especially as the average dress size for women in the UK is now a 16 – and so what?!

However not all of the advertisements and TV programmes out there are negative – I watched ‘My Big Fat Wedding’ earlier on in the week, and loved the two ladies that owned the wedding dress shop that catered for a wider range of sizes. The confidence boost it gave them was incredible and they all looked stunning. And the video of Eda pole dancing her way to confidence put a massive smile on our faces this week. See the video over on our Facebook page.

With all the fuss and kerfuffle surrounding this term, it’s great that we are now seeing so many plus-size ambassadors out there such as Ashley Graham doing it for the curvy girls in the fashion world. She was of course our #womancrushwednesday a few weeks back on Instagram – follow us here if you don’t already @brastop. I recently watched her Ted Talk and found it mega inspiring – see for yourself below.

Ashley has just launched her own lingerie range, MASSIVE SWOON, and I definitely need it in my life as it’s all ridiculously pretty. Would you like to see her range stocked on Brastop??? Comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter @brastop, as the girl is seriously hot right now.

So in spite of some people out there making us feel like plus size is something to be ashamed of, we should all be embracing our curves like Ashley Graham. If not for us then for the girls of the future, so they can grow up being what size they want to be and love it.

Grace x

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