I think it's time to set things straight when it comes to the actual bra sizes of celebrities. The media constantly gets it wrong and it is giving both men and women the wrong understanding of how bra sizing works properly.

We have all probably heard by now that around 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and most of us are under the impression that a DD is absolutely huge! The main thing that we are unaware of is that the band size is just as important as the cup size. A 32DD is completely different to a 40DD, all because of the difference in back size. For example, if you wear a 36E and find that the back size is too large and wish to try a 34, then you must go up one cup size to compensate for the smaller back size, so your go-to-size to try would be a 34F. If you wanted to try a back size larger, then you would drop a cup size and your go-to-size would be a 38DD.

If you were to put 34G bra next to a 40E bra then you would see that the volume of the cup is actually the same, the only difference is the larger back band.

So for us to understand and visualise bra sizes properly, I thought I would correct (with my bra fitting experience) the REAL bra sizes of the celebs that we read about everyday.

billie eilish instagram post

Billie Eilish

Following Billie's stunning Vogue magazine feature, there's been a lot of chat about her boobs! Perhaps the most bizarre thing we've read is that she's a 42E - excuse me? With that hourglass shape and slim waist, she's far from a 42 back. I'd say she sits around a 30HH.

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adele instagram post


Beautiful Adele is said to wear a 42D bra size, highlighting a common issue we see where people assume a bigger back size = a bigger bust. Even before her weight loss there's no way she was a 42 back! This stunner is definitely more of a 32FF these days.

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zendaya instagram post


She's capturing our hearts by the day! Said to be a 32B, there is absolutely no way this petite beauty is anywhere near a 32 back. I'd say she's more of a 26DD, or 28D.

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ladygaga instagram post

Lady Gaga

This 5'2" pop beauty packs a punch in a small package! The media suggest Gaga wears a 34B, which is just absurd. With her slim frame she's definitely more of a 30E-F.

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iamkb instagram post

Kelly Brook

Kelly is famous for her gorgeously curvy body and ample chest. However, the media says that Kelly is 34D, wrong! If I was to bra fit Kelly, I would put her in a 30GG.

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emrata instagram post

Emily Ratajkowski

This brunette beauty is supposedly a 32C, how she would get any support from a 32 with a back size that tiny is beyond me! Emily is much more of a 26 back, I would place her as a 26HH.

26 bands are few and far between, but the sister size to this would be 28H. Shop 28H bras here.

hjgflanagan instagram post

Helen Flanagan

Helen is not afraid of showing off her famous twins and claims that they are a size 32DD, I would say she is much more of a 28G.

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kateupton instagram post

Kate Upton

The media say that Kate is a 34D, wrong again! She is much more of a 30FF.

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kimkardashian instagram post

Kim Kardashian

Kim is famous for her stunning curves that go in all directions. The fact that I read this morning that she is a 32DD completely shocks me, she is absolutely either a 30G or 30GG.

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actuallychristinahendricks instagram post

Christina Hendricks

The Mad Men star has absolutely been blessed with an ample chest. The US media claim that she is a 38DDD/F. This is where most of us go wrong in bra sizing, instead of going up in the cup we immediately go multiple back sizes up and lack the support. It's important to keep the back size snug and secure and go up in the cup until it fits properly. I would say that Christina is a 30J.

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beyonce instagram post


The Queen of Pop is said to be a 34C, but she is definitely much more a 30G-GG in my opinion.

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hollywilloughby instagram post

Holly Willoughby

The Nations Sweetheart is apparently a 34D, I would place her as 30G.

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katieprice instagram post

Katie Price

Katie Price has undergone a series of breast surgeries, with the media reporting her as being anywhere from 'whopping' 34FF through to a 32B. Looking at her current assets, which are the result of her last boob job in 2016, I'd say she's sitting at a 30K.

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nickiminaj instagram post

Nicki Minaj

I would put this sassy hip hop Queen in a 32GG, instead of the 34C the media says she is.

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katyperry instagram post

Katy Perry

And finally, Katy Perry. Katy and her famous cream shooting boobs are much more of a 28G, where the media got a 34D from, I have no idea?!

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All though these might be slightly out (it's a little more difficult to measure from a cleverly posed photo) the cup sizes that I have suggested are definitely much more realistic. Hopefully this puts things into perspective a little more and helps those who are unsure about bra sizing, understand things a little more.

What do you think of my estimated sizes for these celebs?

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