Organisation & Money Saving Tips for Your Underwear & Lingerie

The right underwear can instantly transform how you look and feel. It is, therefore, no wonder that investing in beautiful lingerie is a small pleasure that is prioritised by many. But with the rising cost of living, we're all feeling the pinch at the moment.

With this in mind, your attention may have turned to how you can make savings across all areas of your life, your underwear and lingerie being no exception.

The good news is that you can make fantastic savings on new underwear without compromising quality and choice.

Here at Brastop, we've created this handy guide featuring our best tips and ideas for making savings on your underwear and lingerie this year.

Shop the sales and bag a bargain!

Save money by shopping the sales. At Brastop, we have a great clearance section online where you can save up to 70% on your favourite brands, styles and colourways. What's more, you can save even more with our £20 or less bra sale, whereby you can save money without compromising on the quality you deserve.

If you love hunting a bargain, don't forget to keep an eye on seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, for extra discounts and promotions where there are considerable savings to be made.

Look out for multipacks

By buying your knickers in bulk, you can save more money than if you were to buy each pair separately. Multipacks are a fantastic way to expand your knicker collection without breaking the bank.

Make sure your bra sizing is correct

If your bras feel uncomfortable and you are stuck in an endless cycle of buying new ones in a futile attempt to remedy this, it might be time to double-check that you are wearing the right size bra.

Our bodies naturally change over time; it is, therefore, worth investigating if your sizing has changed since you were last measured. Remember, we recommend checking your bra size every 6 months!

Did you know that you can do this from the comfort of your own home with Brastop's find my size bra fitting guide and our bra fit quiz? Here you can find out which bra size you should wear for optimum support and comfort.

Organise your underwear and lingerie drawers

There is a great pleasure to be taken when opening up a drawer full of beautiful lingerie that is ordered and well-organised.

More often than not, if we haven't kept on top of organising our underwear drawer, we can forget what we have and potentially end up buying more than we need.

By taking stock of what you have, and sorting out which items no longer fit or have seen better days, you can make room for new pieces that will serve you well.

We recommend having a big sort-out of your underwear drawer every three to six months to really keep on top of things.

Things to consider when organising your underwear drawer:

  • Have you worn the item in the last six months?
  • Does it fit properly when you try the item on?
  • Is it comfortable to wear?
  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Has the colour faded?
  • Is the elastic still intact?
  • Are the underwires poking through the seams?

Discover our previous article featuring the best bra storage hacks for more tips and tricks on how to correctly store your bras.

Your underwear can be both necessary and practical, as well as also being a personal style statement. If you look after what you've got and shop savvy to make savings, you can still buy and enjoy quality lingerie pieces that make you feel fabulous.

Did you know that at Brastop, we offer more ways to pay through providers such as Klarna, Clearpay and PayPal? You can also sign up for our newsletters to be the first to hear about exclusive discounts and promotions.

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