How many is too many? This can relate to any number of things but of course when we say it, we mean lingerie. According to a survey conducted by The Daily Mail, the average woman will spend up to £2,700 on lingerie in her lifetime. That’s a hella lot of bras and knickers and everything that comes with. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll still own every bra you’ve ever bought – but still, we want to know if our collection is too big, too small, or if it even matters!

Having come to Brastop and found like a lot of women that I was wearing COMPLETELY the wrong size, I threw away what I thought was a great collection and now have to start from scratch. Having owned potentially 20+ bras, I’m now down to 8, which to me seems quite small. For some of you however, 8 may seem like a feat!

With fluctuating sizes as we mature, have kids etc., our sizes do change and as you probably already know, you should get fitted every 6 months. If your size changes quite frequently, buying a lot of bras to build up a collection where they all actually fit might be quite a struggle. I wouldn’t be surprised if fewer than 10 is quite a regular occurrence with some of you.

I think the case may be that a lot of ladies have a load of knickers, but not necessarily a lot of bras. We did a post about to match or not to match your bras and knickers and found a lot of you have a trusty bra you wear over and over, but not the matching knickers showing you potentially have a lot more knickers than bras!

There are also a lot of you out there that are lingerie addicts and have to have the latest styles, which is why we do such great prices and offers, to keep up with all of you! Your collections probably defeat the 20 I used to own, and we love that! However we’d recommend here at Brastop having between 8-9. This would have to include a t-shirt bra, strapless/multi-way bra, and at least a black and white and/or one to match your skin tone so you have all your bases covered for every occasion! Anything after that is just an added bonus for you!


ivory rose black moulded t-shirt braIvory Rose T-Shirt Bra Black

curvy kate luxe strapless d-j cup bra biscotti
Curvy Kate Luxe Multiway Strapless Bra Biscotti

Flirtelle Swirl bra White
Flirtelle Swirl Balconette Bra White


As a little fun fact to finish off, we hear Dame Vivienne Westwood claims to never wash her bras, but only ‘dust them with talc now and again.’ That’s an interesting one Vivienne. I wonder how big her collection is...

So how many bras do you own? Do you consider it a lot, or not enough?! Let us know in the comments below or tag us in a tweet @brastop

Grace x

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