Keeping up with our 18th Birthday Month, we asked 18 of our gorgeous Brastop Babes: if you could go back and give your 18 year old self a piece of advice or tell them something, what would it be?

Here's what they said...

curvygirlthin flirtelle swimwear Charli wears Flirtelle SS19 Swimwear (sold out)

1. Charli - curvygirlthin

If I could tell myself anything it's: 'No matter how hard things get, you are a survivor and will get through it!'. When I was 18 I was undergoing major brain surgery and spinal reconstruction.  I thought I'd never walk again. But good friends and family helped me through, so my second bit of advice would be: 'Don't be scared to trust people - leaning on someone is not weakness'.

kateshappinessjourney wears curvy kate dottie blue
Kate wears Curvy Kate Dottie Blue

2. Kate - kateshappinessjourney

To my 18 year old self, "I know what's happening around now is going to feel like the most important thing in the world, but let me just reassure you: in a few years, your grades, your career choices, your relationship will mean nothing. You'll realise it was never important in the first place. Instead, you'll learn that your happiness is the most important thing. How you love your friends and family will be more important than the image you have in your brain of what your future will be. Don't get me wrong, it'll be rubbish for a while and you'll struggle. With all sorts of things. But know that you'll come out of it more forgiving of yourself and accepting of yourself. Oh and, most importantly, you'll be happier for it.

Ps I know being fat seems like your worst nightmare, but trust me, it's not that bad 😂"

laceandhaze elly wears scantilly submission strappy lingerieElly wears Scantilly Submission Black/Blue

3. Elly - laceandhaze

The advice I’d give to my 18 year old self would be…

"Wear sunscreen on my face AND chest everyday!!! The sun definitely seems to catch a larger chest easy and I wish I had protected my skin better."

Honey wears Pour Moi Remix Black

4. Honey - honeypositano

My advice would be: “Learn a new language. Stop staying home because you’re chubbier than your friends. Find a hobby. Try new cuisines. Save your money. Don’t get discouraged by trolls. Travel!”

Becky wears Curvy Kate In My Dreams

5. Becky - honestly_becky

I was a Y2K 18 year old who’d officially moved out from home and started life with my then fiancé, so it really was the dawn of a new era. Sadly my reality was that I was facing up to the physical assault I experienced two years earlier and I was right in the middle of PTSD and agoraphobia.  

I would LOVE to tell 18 year old me: “You overcome this! You may not see it now but life gets better. Use this time to be kind to yourself and concentrate on the things you love. Please try to let go of the fear. And trust that life is worth the fight. You are loved, you are meant to be here and you have a purpose.”

Georgia confessions of a g cup curvy kate top spot sunshineGeorgia wears Curvy Kate Top Spot Sunshine

6. Georgia - confessions_of_a_gcup

My words of wisdom: “You may dislike your breasts now, people may stare, people may make comments, but my love, you have no idea how this will make you grow. You will grow spiritually, personally and physically. This experience will make you resilient, it will morph you into a person you are proud to be and my love, it will open you up to a world of opportunities.”

thelingerieprincess curvy kate lifestyle lemon underwear setLucy-Jayne wears Curvy Kate Lifestyle Lemon

7. Lucy-Jayne - thelingerieprincess

What would I tell my 18 year old self? I'd tell her: "I'm not going to sugar-coat this - life is going to get tough over the next couple of years, and you're going to struggle, but never be afraid to ask for help and put yourself first when needed. Surround yourself with the ones who care, stick your middle finger in the air to anyone who tries to put you in a box, and embrace you for being you. Oh, and drink lots of water and get some sleep!"

nellesdirectory wears curvy kate unwind caramel brown
Nelle wears Curvy Kate Unwind Caramel

8. Nelle - nellesdirectory

My words of wisdom for my 18 year old self: "Embrace who you are and grow in it. Pay less attention to other peoples opinions and more attention to personal growth. You don't need to be perfect, and you don't have to get it right. Give yourself the freedom just to be, as you are, wherever you are, whatever the obstacle."

thecurvygirlloves jen flirtelle viola blackJen wears Flirtelle Viola Black

9. Jen - thecurvygirlloves

One piece of advice I would give to my 18 year old self would be: "Surround yourself with positive people who will uplift, empower and inspire you every day."

Finding the fuller bust community when I needed them the most helped kickstart my boob and body confidence journey.

lauren dungey flirtelle thalia whiteLauren wears Flirtelle Thalia White

10. Lauren - lauren_dungey

Advice that I would go back and give to my 18 year old self? Where to start! I’d say just to be wonderfully you! "Don’t worry yourself about trying to ‘fit in’ or fitting in the jeans, wear what you love, dance like no one’s watching. Eat the chips, wear that bikini. Stop panicking about gaining weight, it’s the least interesting thing about you! And to let go of all the negativity, and do not ever let anyone hold you back from being beautifully you". 💕

lucy dawson luuudaw scantilly harnessed lingerieLucy wears Scantilly Harnessed

11. Lucy - luuudaw

If I could go back to revisit my eighteen year old self I would tell myself: "Stop worrying so much about what other people think of me. A few years after I turned 18 I found out just how unpredictable life can be when I fell ill with a brain disease which span my life on its head and ultimately led me to realise how much time I had wasted being concerned about how every minute detail of my life looked to other people. 

As my world turned upside down, and I had to learn to walk, talk, read, write all over again as well as coming to terms with my newfound disabilities, I soon realised that the only persons opinion of me that really mattered was my own. 

There will always be people who take issue with how you look, how you dress, what you do for a living, what you post online, but if you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and know that you are a good person with genuine intentions and a kind heart, then really, that is all that matters. 💜"

Bonnie wears Scantilly Fallen Angel Garnet

12. Bonnie - thebonniebeloved

If I could talk to my 18 year old self, I'd tell her to "stop being her own harshest critic. She has a lot to offer the world and deserves to take up space". 

chantelleplusmodel curvy kate moody bloomChantelle wears Curvy Kate Moody Bloom

13. Chantelle - chantelleplusmodel

If I could give my 18 year old self a piece of advice it would be: "To love myself more, looking back at old photos upsets me because I know how disgusted I felt with my body back then, how I used to think that girl was fat and ugly because I didn't look like my friends with "the perfect hair and perfect bodies". 

I would tell my 18 year old self that my body will go through some changes and will still be worthy of love at every size, we are so much more than our bodies and size."

thebaglifeofbeck flirtelle swimwearBeck wears Flirtelle Antigua Reef 

14. Beck - thebaglifeofbeck

My advice to my 18 year old self would be “live life to the fullest, be carefree and enjoy making memories. You don’t want to look back and say “I wish” you want to look back and say “I’m so glad I made those memories” wear the swimsuit, wear the dress, wear the lingerie and own it, because girl you are worthy and always will be”.

tanesaluvluv wears panache envy in chestnutTanesa wears Panache Envy Chestnut

15. Tanesa - tanesaluvluv

This is something I continue to live by today:

“It’s an important thing when you realise that you’re absolutely gorgeous just as you are. Because once you’ve acknowledged that, your self-love and self-worth will shine through with confidence. Why wait?“

iamcourtneyjade wears curvy kate lifestyle navyCourtney-Jade wears Curvy Kate Lifestyle Navy

16. Courtney-Jade - iamcourtneyjade

What I would tell my 18 year old self:

"1 - You'll be okay, I promise. Life will throw masses at you, but keep pushing on, better days are ahead. 
2 - Despite what you may think, you don't actually know everything 😂 let those barriers down a bit and be more willing to learn, it'll make you a better person.
3 - You don't need to fear food. It's okay to enjoy it - treat your body with the care it deserves.
4 - Stop saying no to things you actually want to do because of a fear of judgement from others. Say yes more to the things you really do want to do. You can do anything, so do it!!"

teerwayde curvestokill wears fantasie estelle whiteTeer wears Fantasie Estelle White

17. Teer - teerwayde

My one piece of advice I would give my 18 year old self would be: "Never change yourself for others and embrace who you truly are inside. Share all of those weird and wonderful things that inspire you and other like minded people will come into your world."

rachel vanessa littleblondeblogx wears flirtelle alice in sangria pink
Rachel wears Flirtelle Alice Sangria

18. Rachel - littleblondeblogx 

My advice to my 18 year old self is: "Remember that your most important relationship is the one with yourself. You are perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to change yourself or your body for anyone or anything! One day you’ll see that your own happiness is more important. Believe in yourself!"

We don't know about you, but we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. What would you tell your 18 year old self if you had the chance?

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