When people think of longline bras, they would never normally associate them with larger cup sizes. But we want to celebrate them, as now the sun is officially warming things up they’re perfect, and the amount of brands making longline bras for larger cups is on the rise!

So, what defines a longline bra? Instead of the band underneath the cups being an inch or so long, this is extended to give a longline effect. In turn they usually have boning to prevent it from flipping and rolling, and more hooks and eyes are used to fasten it at the back. Pretty simple really.

longline bra illustration

The length of the body is longer in longline bras

Image credit: clothhabit

I don’t know about you but I always associate longline bras with summer. I don’t know if it’s because you wear less clothing in the summer so if you see it, it doesn’t matter or because I always seem to see really colourful and patterned styles – either way, I’m a big fan. Longline bras have been cropping up more and more over the past couple of the years, especially for larger cups – hurrah! They can vary in sizes from going half way down your torso, to just a small longline effect. They’re perfect for if you have a top that may show a bit of your bra as it looks like it was intentional – which of course it is. They’re also great for mastering the underwear-as-outwear trend which is forever in fashion.

parfait cora longline bra navy blue
Parfait Cora Longline Bra
in Navy Blue


Longline bras also have a smoothing waist-cinching effect, which is always good if you want a little more support from your bra without having to wear full-on shapewear. Anyone looking for more support in the cups should also opt for a longline bra, as it helps keep everything lifted and in place more. Clearly a win-win. Us bigger busted ladies may never be able to wear the diddy little soft lace numbers, but the underwired styles that are making an appearance definitely win on style and support!

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