Like our bodies, our breasts are completely unique to us, which is so great. This means there are many different shapes than just big or small. We think it’s always important to be aware of what type you have as this helps work out which bras work for you. Ultimately, we want you all to be wearing bras that look and feel great, and by knowing your shape, you’ll be able to do this!

Round Breasts

Round 2 Boobs

Breasts that are equally as full at the top as they are at the bottom are considered round boobs. Ladies with round boobs may not need structured or padded bras as they don’t need that extra hand at giving a rounded shape.

East West Breasts

East West Boobs

If you nipples point outwards or just generally the volume of your boobs sit away from the centre of your chest, than you’ve likely got east west boobs. We’d recommend wearing a t-shirt bra for east west breasts as it helps draw them closer inwards and create a smooth shape, or a side support bra to pull all the volume of your breasts into an upfront shape.

Side Set Breasts

Round Boobs

If your boobs have a wide space between them, they’re classed as side set breasts. They tend to be fuller in shape than East West which means plunges are the best shape for you. They help pull them up and in to get that killer cleavage.

Tear Drop Breasts

Low nipples

Rounded and slightly less full on the top define tear drop shaped boobs – pretty must what it says on the tin. This is a great shape to have as you’re not limited to certain bra types - most bras will work for you, you lucky things!

Slender Breasts

Slender Boobs

Slender is again pretty much what it says on the tin. They tend to be fuller at the bottom and longer than they are wide. The best bra for slender babes is a slightly padded plunge as this again helps push them up and together for fabulous cleavage.

Bell Shape Breasts

Bell shaped Boobs

This sounds pretty similar to the slender shape, however they tend to be larger than. Moulded or padded cups can sometimes be troublesome for bell shaped breasts and cause spillage, so we’d suggest staying away from these and stick to a non-padded cup.

Asymmetric Breasts

Asymmetric Boobs

We’ve spoken a lot about asymmetric boobs recently, as this tends to affect so many women. You can be a mixture of any of the above and still have one boob slightly bigger than the other too. Bras with a stretch lace cup are pretty great for this as it allows for leeway if one is slightly bigger, and rigid cups like t-shirt bras are good for disguising asymmetry under clothing.

Image credits: Bratabase

None of the shapes mentioned above are bad, it just helps distinguish which bras will work best for you as like we said, it’s all about making you look and feel great in your lingerie! Which category do you fall into? Do you find that the bra specified works for you? Comment down below with your thoughts!

Grace x

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