Here at Brastop all we ever do is talk about boobs, it's our job! So when we discover new and interesting facts on our favourite body part, we love it.

So, did you know...?

1. The twins aren't always identical - many of us have one boob bigger than the other, it's completely normal and for some it can be up to a whole cup size bigger.

2. Sports bras are your boobs BFF - exercising without a sports bra can stretch the supportive ligaments, causing your boobs to sag. So be sure to keep them properly supported!

3. They fluctuate month-to-month - many of us experience breast growth, as much as a full cup size larger, during our period. This is due to the body producing more hormones which can cause swelling.

AW15-Smoothie Prowl

4. Unfortunately gravity normally takes over - as we get older, connective tissues inside the boobs are replaced with fat, meaning they lose firmness & get droopier with age.

5. Nipples galore - there are 8 different types of nipples, including flat, puffy and inverted. All 8 are completely normal!

6. Bras are ancient - Bra like garments have existed since the 7th century BC! Wow - I wonder if they looked anything like Curvy Kate?

7. They are weighty - each breast can weigh between 3-4 kilos (that's just for D cups) and contain around 4-5% of the body's fat.

8. The largest natural breast size on record is 102ZZZ - holy moly!!

In case you were wondering, obviously, Annie Hawkins-Turner, aka Norma Stitz from the USA is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest natural bust.

9. Puberty isn't our only change - Your boobs can grow beyond puberty and well into your early 20's.

10. They can have breakouts - your boobs have their very own T-Zone, just like your face. The area above and in between are full of oil glands, making them prone to blackheads and pimples.

11. Gold medal for the women of the U.K. - women in the U.K have the largest breasts in Europe! With us averaging in a D cup, well done ladies!

Wasn't that fun? We can't get enough of boob facts and are always welcome to new ones. Do you know of any that we haven't mentioned today?

Congratulations to women of the U.K for having the largest boobs in Europe!

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