It’s very rare that a woman will go through life without noticing some changes in her boobs. This is completely normal. Your boobs can change depending on a number of factors, one major one being our hormones depending on which stage in life we’re in. We wanted to talk a little bit about the more common things that can happen which are completely normal. Sometimes you can panic if you notice something different and it’s good to be vigilant when it comes to your boobs but these little things are sometimes what we worry about the most. We want to put your mind at rest when it comes to the things women have most commonly experienced that don’t mean a thing.

When you think of pain in your breasts, you can immediately panic. However, the simplest of things such as your work out can cause it. Breasts are made out of sensitive tissue so it’s only normal they will hurt after a particularly strenuous workout. Of course wearing a good sports bra in the correct size will help keep you supported and reduce your chances of this.

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The size of your boobs can depend on a number of things. Genetics and weight are two of the biggest factors. If you lose or gain some weight, this could be down to that. That time of the month also plays a huge part in the size. Some women can go up to a whole cup size bigger when they’re due on or during their period. Again, completely normal.

According to the Channel 4 show, Embarrassing Bodies, an estimated 99% of women are said to have some asymmetry in their boobs. As the saying goes with your eyebrows, they’re sisters not twins! This again can fluctuate depending on weight loss and gain and during your cycle.

Having hair is a thing. As human beings, we all grow hair, and your boobs are no exception. If you find a crafty stray hair or two and think, what is that! Don’t panic, there’s nothing to worry about, everyone has them. Chances are you’ve never noticed it before.

Nipples are also completely individual things. Whether they’re big, small, dark, or light — they’re normal! Your areola (the coloured skin around your nipple) can also totally vary. Some people also have inverted nipples, which means they indent into the skin instead of pointing out. Basically, nipples are not one-size-fits-all, and they’re all totally normal and great. (If you ever have a change in the appearance of your nipples though, that’s something to see a doctor about.)

A massive change that can have an effect on your boobs is of course pregnancy. As the girls get prepared to nurse, milk is produced and it can start to leak! Again, completely normal. One that goes without saying is that they’ll increase in size too. Most women find they can go up by two cups sizes, and some find they don’t change at all. It’s all completely individual to the person.

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If you’ve had any of the above, I hope you’re sighing with relief. Of course it’s VITALLY important you’re checking your boobs regularly and looking out of things that may not be as harmless as the above. Check out for all you need to know of how and when you should be checking your boobs and spotting the tell-tell signs of something more!

Grace x

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