Not everyone understands the struggle us D+ girls go through. We try to make bra shopping as easy as possible here at Brastop but that can be half the struggle sometimes. Anyone not part of the big tittie committee has probably said one of these annoying things to us bigger busted ladies…

10 annoying things big boobs heard cup size

I didn’t know that cup size existed!

We didn’t either until we got ourselves properly measured.

big boob problems struggles

At least you fill up your bra!

Overspill is a whole other issue

big boobs painful sore annoying

They must really hurt your back

We’ve got our hot water bottle prepped at all times

big breasts support problems

Do you have to hold them when you go upstairs?

This is a very common one - luckily we don’t, but a supportive sports bra goes a long way.

bra shopping problems big boob busty

Don’t get me started on bra shopping…

Thanks to us, that’s not a problem!

busty big boobs problems

Are they real?

We grew them all by ourselves.

big boob problems busty girls

I wish my boobs were as big as yours

Fancy switching for the day?

big boob problems

Your nipples must be MAHUSIVE

Nipples vary in size from person to person, and isn’t dependant on breast size.

busty girl problems

I bet you wish you could wear a bralette

I think we’ve all come to terms with the fact that’s not happening. But we have so many other gorgeous styles we can wear.

boob weight big bust annoying problems

Have you ever weighed them?

Maybe, maybe not.

Shut Up Mean Girls Gif

Annoying right? We’ve all heard them! Have you got any others you always hear? Comment with them down below and we can add them to our list!

Grace x

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