Worrying about your nipples showing through your bra or even through to your clothes can really get some of us down. Who wants everyone thinking you’re constantly chilly? Not us. The bra itself can be the culprit, or you may just have nipples that show more than others, which is completely normal. Science says no two nipples are the same, and more prominent ones are just an example of this. But we understand that it can be pain when you just want to wear that new top or dress without them showing. If you can help it, you’d want to mask them and we’re here to help.

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Chilly nipples? No thank you.

If you’re looking for particular bras to help cover your nipples, something with a moulded or foam lined cup will become your new BBF (bra best friend). Unlike non-padded bras, these have a thicker layer of fabric which should help hide any unwanted nipple action.


cleo by panache harper moulded bra powder
Cleo by Panache Harper Moulded Bra

curvy kate daily dream black
Curvy Kate Daily Dream Padded Bra


If you still want to wear something non-padded, look for fabrics that are opaque and that don’t have a sheer top cup, where the risk of a nipple slip is high. You could also team it with nipple covers – these from Bye Bra are great and come in either silk or silicone. If your nipples are quite prominent, we suggest going for the silicone, as they’re thicker and will give you more coverage.

byebra silicone nipple covers
Bye Bra Silicone Nipple Covers


pour moi amour white
Pour Moi Amour Opaque Cup Bra

 Now autumn weather is finally upon us, it’s acceptable to layer up! Wearing a camisole or even shapewear over your bra but before your top will create another barrier your nipples have to break before showing through. Although not practical for every top or season, it can help with some slight relief for now.

Showing nipples shouldn’t be a big deal, we all have them! But some situations call for them to be covered. I hope we’ve put some minds at rest and given you a few tips on how to combat them with different bras and solutions. Do you have a trick you use to hide any unwanted nipple action? Let us know in the comments or on social @brastop.

Grace x

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