Your boobs can communicate a lot about what’s going on with your body, and we can use these signs to learn what they’re telling us about our health – and they’re pretty interesting.

Under-boob irritation is a common problem which can indicate that you’re allergic to something. The most common thing to sit that close under your boobs is the underwiring of your bra. Substitute a non-wired bra for a few days and see if it goes away. Left over soap residue can also cause this as well as a change in fabric conditioner. Be sure to de-soap after every wash.

boob Irritation

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Breast pain can be caused by a number of reasons, one being too much salt in your diet. High salt intake causes water retention, which can lead to pain and swelling in your entire body - including your boobs. So think twice before adding that extra pinch! An indication that you’re drinking too much coffee can also be breast pain. Funny, I know. Having never been a big coffee drinker myself, I’ve never experienced this but according to Dr Minkin, an ob-gyn and clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, too much caffeine can sometimes aggravate breast soreness. If you cut the caffeine and the pain continues be sure to get yourself down to the GP.

Visible stretch marks are no big deal. Skin elasticity is different from person to person meaning others are more prone to this happening during breast growth. It typically happens when you’re boobs are first growing during puberty but can also be down to rapidly gaining and losing weight.

stretch marks

Another trait that could indicate you’re allergic to something is itchy nipples. Your nipples can itch for a number or reasons. A new bra can contain dye or other compounds that elicit a reaction — and the same goes for a woolly jumper.

Many women are able to see veins in their breasts. This could be down to having fair skin, meaning your breasts are more translucent than those of other women, and hence you can see veins through the skin. Colour changes can also happen during pregnancy. Nipples can also darken and/or get puffier as we get older.

All of the above are of course subject to a number of reasons and looking out of any abnormalities in your boobs is key to staying healthy. Check out to get the low down on how to check your boobs and spot anything that isn’t as harmless as these, and remember - if you're worried or concerned, play it safe and get it checked out.

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