Can you believe it’s October already?! We just don’t know where this year is going, but this month is a very important one for all of us who have boobs – it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

When it comes to the nasty with your breasts, early detection is key so make sure you’re checking your boobs regularly for any changes in touch, look and feel. Don’t forget that if you have periods you might notice some changes throughout the month, so it’s important to learn "what your normal" is.

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I’m sure you all know to have a feel for any lumps and bumps and to be aware of aches and pains, but you need to use your eyes too. The key things to look for are any changes in the skin texture, changes to your nipples, any swelling in the entire breast area all the way into your armpits and up to your collar bones, as well as any sudden or unexpected changes in size and shape. Are there any rashes or discharge? Take a look at this handy guide from Coppafeel for more details on what to be aware of:

breast changes cancer awareness

Some of these things might be completely normal for you to experience as part of your monthly cycle, but if you notice anything different that you’re concerned about don’t be afraid to get it checked out. Your doctor will have seen it all before and just in case it is bad news, the earlier you get it looked at the better.

When’s the best time to check? Whenever works for you! Set a monthly alarm on your phone, sign up to Coppafeel’s handy text reminders, or put a sticky note on your mirror. Work it into your routine and you’ll be a boob-pro in no time at all. Check them in the shower, in front of the mirror, or laid in bed – just make sure you’re covering everywhere up to your collarbones and into your armpits.

How regularly do you check yours?

LJ x

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