What do you call yours? Tatas, lady bubbles, melons? Everyone at some point has given their boobs a name. 'The girls' is one we use a lot here on the Brastop blog as well, they are our girls. They’re like our friends. The funnier the name, the better! It might not even be you that’s giving them a name, your friends or partner could have a name for them!

Some of our personal faves, and ones we’ve heard floating around Brastop HQ included:

The twins

Chubby chest cheeks

Boobs Gif

Nunga nungas

Jubblies (the non-frozen ice lolly kind)

Baby busters

Forever Adjusting Gif

The *insert cup size here* team

Party pillows

J and Lo

Prisoners of Bra-zkaban (had to get a Harry Potter reference in there)

You could even name them after celebrity couples. Are yours the Brad and Angelina of the boob world? Or the Kim and Kanye?

FUN FACT – Did you know boob or ‘booby’ was first used in the 16th century as an insult for being silly or stupid?? Now you do.

Why do we even name our boobs? It’s a way of giving sentimental value to them. We preach about loving our curves and so we should with the aid of a cute nickname. It’s important to look after your boobs and tend to them so they don’t feel neglected and this makes you remember to check them more. But ultimately, it is for a bit of fun.

So what do you call yours? Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below. And if you don’t have one, we hope we’ve inspired you with some of ours!

Grace x

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