We’re in full-on summer mode right now, even if it keeps raining through the sunshine. When the warmer weather eventually makes an appearance, we’re kind of dreading all the bad things it brings with it. We’ve all been there, from short nightmares to flashing a boob unintentionally, here are 7 curvy girl struggles we face come the summer time.

Boob sweat

Boob Sweat Gif

No we’ve not been in the gym, we’re just sweating! You can also forget about sitting bare legged on any sort of chair without leaving a puddle behind.

Bra straps on sunburn


Hoisting your puppies up and having them sat on your shoulders all day is bad enough – but adding sunburn into the mix? OUUUUUUUCH! Did someone say D+ Strapless Bras?

Short nightmare

Finding a good pair of shorts that aren’t going to ride up and turn into iddy-biddy looking underwear is a total mission. We just want to get our legs out in comfort, is that too much to ask!?

Simpson Shorts Gif

Flashing everyone

You’ve got that perfect summer dress that looks amazing on - the only thing is the neckline is so low you’re unable to bend down without fears of flashing everyone and everything. ‘Sorry *insert everyone in the offices name*!’

Cat Cleavage Gif

Chub rub

Don’t get us started on thigh rubbing. We have a permanent bottle of baby powder in our bags come June.

Chub Rub

Gravity takes its toll

Boob Holes Gif

Sunbathing lying down = pancake boob, sunbathing on your front = intense pain. Lose lose.

One size does NOT fit all

One Size Gif

Finding a super cute beach dress and finding out it’s only available in one size, cool…

All girls of all shapes and sizes I’m sure can relate to any of the above. Summer we love you, but sometimes we’d rather do without the sweat and sunburn. See more in this hilarious video we posted on our Facebook page here. Tell us what you dislike the most about the summer - if anything - in the comments below!

Grace x

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