We all know that our lingerie drawer staples should include a black, white and nude bra – and preferably both plunge and balconette shapes so you’re covered for pretty much all bases – but what about a multiway bra? Perfect for spring, summer and party season, a multiway bra is what it says on the tin: a bra you can wear in a multitude of ways. Take a look at our little guide below on all the different ways you can wear one!

curvy kate luxe strapless multiway bra with straps

The Classic Straps

Classic over the shoulder straps are great for under your regular clothes, and with a multiway bra the straps tend to be set a little wider so they’re great for something with a wide neckline or wide set straps that you don’t want your straps to be seen under.

curvy kate luxe strapless bra with cross over straps

The Cross Over Straps

Crossing the straps over at the back makes it easy to hide them under a racer back style outfit, plus it increases support and lift for your boobs. You can do this with all multiway bras that come with detachable straps, but there are also a number of bras out there that have straps fixed at the front with the ability to detach them to cross over at the back.

curvy kate luxe strapless bra with one shoulder asymmetrical strap

The One Shoulder Strap

Got an asymmetrical dress or top? Hook the strap on at the front and bring the strap over your shoulder, hooking it onto the opposite side at the back. This way you’re still getting that extra bit of support from having a strap, while hiding it under a pesky one shoulder outfit!

curvy kate luxe strapless bra halterneck strap

The Halterneck Strap

The straps of a multiway bra tend to be a lot longer than your typical bra straps to accommodate for all the ways you can wear them. Attach the strap to one side of the bra at the front, bring it around your neck and attach the other end to the other side of the front for a halterneck style. Perfect for under a halterneck dress or top, or an outfit with a cut out back.

curvy kate luxe strapless bra

The Strapless

Don’t forget you can usually completely detach the straps from a multiway bra so you can wear it strapless – which makes it a total winner for any outfit and situation! Flaunt it in summer under your bardot tops, or rock it with your evening gown for perfect support all night long.

We can’t get enough of the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra as seen in this post, which comes with lovely wide straps that are fully adjustable and convertible and is available from 28D to 40J in 4 different shades - black, biscotti, caramel and ivory.

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If you’ve got a multiway bra, how do you wear yours most often? Are there any ways we’ve missed off this list? Let us know in the comments below or over on social - we're on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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