January is well and truly here and whatever your goals or resolutions are for 2019, there’s always that exciting spark of motivation in the air. When you have D+ boobs, a well-fitting, supportive and comfortable sports bra for whatever activity you take part in, from yoga to marathon running, is an absolute must-have!

We invited #BrastopBabe Josie who blogs over at Vanity Killed the Cat to review 3 of our most popular D+ sports bras at the moment! She tried and tested the Pour Moi Energy Non-Wired sports bra, Panache Wired sports bra, and the Freya Active Sonic sports bra. Read on to find out which one scores a perfect 10!

Hi, I'm Josie Jayne. Curvy, healthy and lingerie obsessed! I'm an advocate for ladies with a small back and fuller bust and love to help other women find their fit and feel confident and amazing.

Brastop is a supplier I've known, worn and loved for years. Brastop supply some fantastic brands at incredible prices and I'm so pleased to help spread the word on great fitting, gorgeous bras!

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Josie Jayne wears fuller bust D+ sports bra Pour Moi Energy Non-Wired in 32FF

First up: Pour Moi Energy Non-Wired Sports Bra

The Pour Moi Energy ranges from a 32″ – 40″ back, and from a D – G cup. My usual size is a 30G however I tried a 32FF in this, only because I heard it runs a little small in the back. I’m glad I did because it is a little on the firm side.

Cup size wise, I would go up one cup size to what you usually wear, as I feel this bra is small in the cup as well as the back. This would mean a 32G would have been a perfect fit for me, although it still feels great and gives good support in the FF, it just might mean I have a little cleavage on show!

The high sides ensure that you’re all tucked in at all times and that there’s no risk of popping out! As I stated before, I do have a little cleavage in this size, so I would try the next cup up. As you can see the sides are super supportive and give a nice clean line. I suffer with the “back fat” issue, as it’s where I carry any excess weight, so for a bra not to cut in and push anything out in strange places, is pleasing to me.

I really like the slate/black colourway (sadly now sold out) it feels super sporty and would go great underneath any of my workout vests. Shop the other colours here!


Yep, the main decider of any sports bra is, does it support a fuller bust? Or am I still running the risk of booping myself in the face when I go on the treadmill?

This bra passes. With flying colours! Don’t get me wrong it’s not as firm as some of the wired styles I’ve tried such as the Panache Sports Bra (below) but for a soft cup sports bra this is an excellent bit of design.

Fit: 8/10
Support: 9/10
Style: 9/10

Also available as a wired sports bra, and in other colours.

Josie Jayne wears Panache Ultimate White Sports Bra Wired in 30G

Second in line: Panache Wired Sports Bra

The second in my trio of sports bras is this MAGICAL Piece of engineering, and a style that I would go as far to say has changed my life (dramatic, but…honestly). The Panache Wired Sports Bra has been available for a few years, and I remember it always coming out in amazing colourways such as lime green and hot pink but today I am reviewing the staple white variation in my usual size of 30G. Ranging from a 28″- 40″ back and a D – J cup, you won’t struggle finding your size and the 30G fits me like a glove, so my advice would be to stick with your regular bra size.

First things first, these bras are very structured, the Panache Sports Bra doesn’t muck about.

It’s a wired bra within a rigid yet buttery soft, casing. Panache have really considered the customer when designing this, there is absolutely no part of it that I’m “aware of” when I’m wearing it (apart from the fact my boobs feel completely weightless!).

If you have the right cup size, this bra should not be giving you any cleavage. The central wires should sit flush against your breastbone and the top of the cups should also be lying flat.

Got cleavage? Go up a cup size. Band riding up slightly at the back? Go down a back size.

The racerback option is a great feature as I don’t know about you but most of my gym tops are racerback, so this hides the straps perfectly and also gives that little extra support.

It retails at a slightly higher price point of £42 but it’s 100% worth it, try it for yourself and you’ll see.


I honestly do not move. Like, at all. It’s GENIUS.

Fit: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Style: 10/10

Also available as a non-wired sports bra, with loads of colour way options in both styles to suit your taste.

Josie Jayne wears Freya Active Sonic Sports Bra in 30G

Last but not least: Freya Active Sonic Sports Bra

The third and final sports bra is a little moulded number by Freya. The size ranges from 30″-40″ back and D-H cups and I am reviewing the Freya Sonic Moulded sports bra in a 30G – my usual bra size.

The Sonic is an underwired moulded style, this means the cups hold their shape, but are not heavily padded. Moulded bras in my opinion help give that extra bit of structure and shape.

The back fits perfectly but I would say this bra runs a size small in the cup. For a cup size to be perfect, you’re looking for the central wires to sit flush against your breast bone, and to not be pushing on the breast tissue in any way shape or form. As you can see in the above photo, I’m a little bit squashed in the middle.

Another indication that the cup is too small, is that the wires at the side of the cup aren’t sitting far enough back, therefore pushing on your breast tissue. Rubbish for support as you’re not fully encased by the bra, it also can start to get pretty painful! It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the wires aren’t sat where they’re supposed to, meaning I need to try a cup size up to a 30GG.

Luckily with Freya, they use quite “soft” wires in their sports bras, so I should be able to get away with it being a teeny bit small on this occasion.

I would say 100% give the Freya Active Sonic Sports Bra a try, just don’t forget to try the cup up from your normal bra size!


Considering this is a softer wired sports bra, the support is very good and had I have got the cup size spot on first time, it would have been even better. The racerback option is also a nice addition to create more support.

Fit: 8/10
Comfort: 9/10
Support: 9/10

Freya Active offers a variety of different sports bra styles including non-wired and crop-top options, in a range of versatile colours and prints.


So there’s Josie’s feedback! Have you tried any of these sports bras before? Let us know your faves and thoughts in the comments below, or give us a Tweet @Brastop or Message on Facebook!

If you're still struggling to find the perfect sports bra for you and your sport of choice, check out our Sports Bra Buying Guide.


LJ & Josie x

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