With all this Flirtelle talk going on, we thought we’d bring you a little something from one of our fave Brastop babes – Linzi! Linzi is a self-confessed Flirtelle Queen, she looks incredible in every style and it’s like they’re made for her! She’s an ex-bra-fitter so knows a fair thing or two about fit and what makes a decent bra, as well as being an advocate for body confidence and loving yourself as you are. Linzi manages a great Facebook group where she encourages women to love themselves and offers tip-top bra advice, as well as running her own blog and looking after her three children!

linzi wears flirtelle alice

“I was so impressed by Alice. It gives a fab uplifted shape but still looks quite delicate.” 

What does lingerie mean to you?

I used to think bras were just functional items we put on each day because we had to but once I became a bra fitter & watched the way women literally changed as they put on a good bra really made me think differently. A good bra has the ability to make me stand tall and feel amazing. It's not just about support; it's a real mood changer.

linzi wears flirtelle

“This super soft bra moulds to my shape, gives fantastic every day comfort with lovely cleavage boosting plunge which is perfect under lower cut tops"

What do you like best about the Flirtelle range?

For years I struggled to find well fitting, supportive bras that looked great and were affordable. Flirtelle ticks all those boxes!

linzi wears a flirtelle plunge bra

“I love this set SO much. It gives me such good cleavage, looks really sexy and is still comfortable.” 

Which Flirtelle style is your favourite?

Arrgh this is so difficult!! If I really had to then I'd pick Ada in Navy - which is unusual as I don't normally like a padded style but it's just won me over so much.

linzi wears flirtelle padded bra
"I wouldn't usually pick a padded bra but Ada is so comfortable and fits beautifully. The soft lace overlay makes it feel way more expensive than it is!" 

What colours or styles would you like to see more of from Flirtelle in the future?

I would love more colours in Swirl - lots of jewel tones would be amazing and I'd love Ada in a green.

linzi wears flirtelle
“Oh my gosh this set is so soft! Stunning colours and a lovely fit... & so soft!” 

What are your other go-to brands?

I really love Elomi & in particular I love Matilda by them. I also like how fun Curvy Kate bras are, the Vegas bra was such a fave for me!

linzi wearing flirtelle bras

"This is such a pretty set. It wasn't quite the right style for my boobs which makes me sad because I loved it!”

So there's a few words from lingerie guru Linzi, doesn't she look just amazing in all her Flirtelle sets?! If you like the look of any of them be sure to get them while you can, sizes sell out quickly and once they're gone we don't always restock them!


LJ x

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