Who's excited for the next instalment of our Customer Spotlight!? This week we've got Kelly aka Le Curvy Kitten, a resident Brastop girl since our Model of The Month days and lingerie blogger! Get to know her a little better...

Tell us a little bit about yourself – where do you live, do you have kids, what age are you (not compulsory!)

    I'm Kelly AKA Le Curvy Kitten. I'm 34 and live in Stoke On Trent. I have two beautiful Shih Tzu fur babies, Suki and Teddy.

    How long have you been shopping on Brastop/how did you hear about us?

      I first discovered Brastop in 2011 when I was bra shopping online. That was when I noticed you were sponsoring Curvy Kate's Star In A Bra modelling competition so I took a chance and entered and ended up in the top 10!

      What’s your current size and how has it changed over the years? Have you found it’s varied at all?

        My current size seems to be 28GG or 28H depending on the brand. My size hasn't varied much since I started to wear properly fitting bras. When I was a teenager there were no 28 bands around and adding inches to the underbust was commonplace. I remember wearing a 34E a lot of the time when in reality I probably should have been wearing a similar size to I'm wearing now.

        Kelly 3

        The gorrrrgeous Kelly herself
        Do you have any funny or embarrassing bra related stories you want to tell us?

          When I was at school front fastening plunge bras were a thing and once I recall leaning forward onto the desk, popping the clasp open! I instantly felt my cheeks blush and tried to sublty tried to fasten up my bra without catching the eye of my very cute science teacher!

          Where is your dream holiday location, and what lingerie or swimwear would you pack for it?

            I have two dream holiday destinations and I'm lucky enough to have been to both twice. I love Orlando as I'm a kidult at heart. Since I'd be doing a lot of running around I'd want something comfortable and my favourite everyday bra is the Curvy Kate Smoothie, so I'd pack that for sure.

            Would you class yourself as a lingerie addict/how many bras do you own? If so how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

              Yes, I am indeed a lingerie addict. I have 20+ Freya Decos, 6+ Curvy Kate Tease, 4 Curvy Kate Smoothies and LOADS more. I estimate over 60 and I blame you, Brastop! I'd rate myself at a 7 as I'm not obsessed with buying new lingerie, I have just built up a good collection over the years.

              How do you store your lingerie? Do you have special storage or are you a bung-it-in-a-draw type of girl?

                Decos and other moulded bras are the single most awkward thing to store as they so very eaily go out of shape, so I just drape them over the end of my bed. The rest are currently spilling out of a drawer!

                What social media channels do you use? (Can share your Twitter/Instagram username if you like)

                  I use Twitter and Instagram under @LeCurvyKitten and Facebook under Le Curvy Kitten.

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                  Grace x

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