When it comes to finding the right underwear, we’re pretty well versed in what shape, size and styles suit us best. However, for expectant mums, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to shopping maternity lingerie, especially for first timers.

As your breasts change shape throughout pregnancy and begin to feel more sensitive than usual - not to mention potential leakage situations - finding and investing in the right maternity lingerie for you is crucial. Ahead of Maternal Mental Health Matters week starting on 4th May, we’ve teamed up with leading parenting charity NCT and fundraising platform Savoo.co.uk to highlight the five key reasons why you should invest in a proper maternity bra. Plus, read on to find out how you can raise free donations to NCT when you shop the Brastop maternity bra collection.

Added comfort for sensitivity

Extra sensitive breasts are extremely common in pregnancy. In fact, tender breasts may be one of the first signs you notice that you’re pregnant. Most maternity bras are made using softer, cotton-based fabrics for extra comfort and to reduce rubbing. Cotton bras, or those made with other natural materials are breathable and allow air to flow to your breasts, which may reduce irritation too. Plus, maternity bras tend to be a little roomier, which works well if you’re using breast shells to protect sore nipples.

hot milk nursing braProject Me by Hot Milk Ambition Triangle Bra in Storm

Extra hooks for growth

Your breasts may grow up to two cup sizes (sometimes even more!) during pregnancy due to hormones and growing milk ducts - this is totally normal. Choosing a maternity bra with at least four hooks means it’ll grow with you as you go through pregnancy. Plus, it ensures your bra is never too tight or restrictive as your body changes and ribcage expands. You could even consider an additional back extender to give you even more room. These adapters with hooks and eyes fit to your existing bra and prolong the life of it, which could be useful for the last months of your pregnancy.

Hot Milk Warrior Nursing Bra BlackProject Me by Hot Milk Warrior Nursing Bra Black

Extra support

Pregnancy can make your breasts feel full and heavy, so looking for a maternity bra that offers extra support is a must - especially for those with bigger breasts. Maternity bras often have wider straps and sides for extra support and comfort throughout your pregnancy. Wider straps can help distribute the weight of your bust more evenly across your shoulders, giving extra comfort and helping reduce back and shoulder pain. Most maternity bras will feature wireless cups, but there are some available with flexi-wire, too; just be sure you're in the right size so they don't cause pain or damage to your milk ducts!

hot milk obsession moulded nursing braHot Milk Obsession Flexi-Wire Nursing Bra Frappe

Help you look and feel great

Gone are the days of maternity lingerie being frumpy, white and unflattering. Nowadays, maternity lingerie ranges include stylish and sexy pieces without compromising on comfort and support. Our body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, so choosing lingerie that helps you look and feel great in your skin is just one thing you can do to take care of your mental wellbeing and help you feel more like ‘you’. Our maternity collection features a range of flattering styles including balconette and plunge as well as gorgeous lacy options and stunning detail. 

Pour Moi Amour Nursing BraPour Moi Amour Nursing Bra Black/Pink

Can double up as a night time bra

If your breasts are extra sensitive, taking off your bra when it’s time to sleep could be even more painful or uncomfortable. Some maternity bras can double up as night time bras to provide comfort and support throughout the night too. Look out for seam-free bras with soft material and no underwiring. Plus, if you’re experiencing leaking during the night, a versatile maternity bra will help keep breast pads in place while you sleep. Finding a style that doubles up as both is a great way to save money - just remember to wash it regularly to avoid irritation.

Royce Blossom Bra
Royce Blossom Comfort Bra Black/White

Raise free donations for NCT when you shop with us

This Tuesday 4th May marks the start of Maternal Mental Health Matters Week, and we’ve teamed up with NCT through the online fundraising and money saving platform Savoo.co.uk to give you an even easier way of raising donations for this crucial charity. The best part? It won’t cost you a penny extra to raise a vital donation. Here’s how it works…

From 3rd to 16th May, every Brastop order made through Savoo’s Brastop discount codes page will raise a free donation straight to NCT. The donation will be equal to 3% of your Brastop order value, so if you’re treating yourself to £50 of gorgeous lingerie, you’ll raise a £1.50 donation straight to NCT at no extra cost or effort to you. 

Plus, to help you out, Savoo will also be hosting an exclusive Brastop discount code for 11% off all orders during this time. Whether you use this discount code or any other Brastop discount code currently available on Savoo, every Brastop order made through Savoo will raise a donation for NCT. Simple!

The importance of Maternal Mental Health Matters week cannot be understated - mental illness during pregnancy or after giving birth can happen to any of us, and can range from perinatal OCD to the more commonly spoken about postnatal depression. The focus of the awareness week is to support those affected by maternal mental health and helping them access the resources they need to recover. Shop the Brastop lingerie range today to generate a free donation and help us raise awareness about maternal mental health.

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